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Life is Strange: Chapter 1 review - Blast Magazine

3h ago - Life is Strange is an wonderfully emotional journey featuring some magic elements mixed into the... | PC

Dying Light PC review | PCGamesN

3h ago - PCGamesN: From where I’m perched, Harran looks desolate. Plumes of smoke pour out of buildings,... | PC

Life is Strange: Episode 1 review | Eurogamer

4h ago - EG: "The title of Dontnod's episodic adventure is something of an understatement. The first chap... | PC

Dying Light Review – Thumbs Down At Sundown | PCGamer

4h ago - PCGamer: Like its hero, the wall-climbing, sewer-spelunking, city-hopping Kyle Crane, Dying Ligh... | PC

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Life is Strange: Chrysalis PC review | PCGamesN

5h ago - PCGamesN: Yes, Life is strange. One moment, you’re a quiet photography student grappling with te... | PC

Falcon Kick Gaming: Dying Light Review

6h ago - Techland's newest title Dying Light was released this past Tuesday on the Playstation 4, Xbox One... | PC

Riptide GP2 Review (Video Chums)

6h ago - Review for Riptide GP2 on Xbox One. It's time to make some waves! Water-based racing games are be... | PC

Grim Fandango Remastered Review | High Score Reviews

8h ago - HSR's Ian Childs writes: 'Let’s start with a confession: I never played the original Grim Fand... | PC

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One Review | Continue Play

8h ago - "At the end of the day Dreamfall Chapters is good. It doesn’t overly impress all the time but it... | PC

Review: Dying Light gets the zombie apocalypse right | GameCrate

8h ago - Dying Light builds on the successful elements of Dead Island while bringing is a functional parko... | PC

Dying Light review - GameReactor UK

13h ago - "We were positively surprised at how much fun Techland has managed to get out of such a worn and... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 1 – Chrysalis Review | Twinfinite

14h ago - What Life is Strange captures so accurately is the sincerity of being a teenager caught in a conf... | PC

CeX Review- Escape Dead Island

15h ago - Denis Murphy writes- Back in February 2011 the first trailer to Dead Island was released, the fir... | PC

Dying Light Review – Truly Amazed and Pleased (NuzCo)

15h ago - NuzCo writes: "Dying Light is out and ready to fright you. This game was somewhat of a pleasant s... | PC

Dying Light Review ~ Be afraid…be very afraid of the dark | PSGamer

16h ago - PSGamer: There’s plenty more right than wrong with Dying Light, but with a game that has such a s... | PC

Dying Light Review | Den of Geek US

16h ago - Parkour alone isn’t enough to save this Dead Island clone. Here is the review of Dying Light! | PC

Dying Light review | craveonline

16h ago - "While Dying Light borrows key concepts from other games (including a copy-pasted lock-picking me... | PC

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review | Softpedia

16h ago - SP: High-definition remakes of older games have been quite popular in the last few years, as man... | PC

Dying Light Review - Game Reactor DK

17h ago - Dying Light is a solid zombie title with unique ideas that makes it stand out from the crowd. The... | PC

Life is Strange Episode 1 Review | IncGamers

17h ago - IncGamers' Tim McDonald thinks that playing Life is Strange is an entirely normal thing to do.... | PC

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Super Galaxy Squadron Review | Gamers Heroes

19h ago - Like to shoot stuff? Of course you do! However, the de-facto shooting genre, the shoot-em-up,... | PC

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Review – Purgatory Paradise I The Koalition

19h ago - Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: During PAX Prime 2014, Deep Silver and Volition reve... | PC

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Havoc” DLC Review – Can’t Sleep… Clowns Will Eat Me | COG

22h ago - This batch of CoD DLC has John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, Jon Bernthal and clowns that... | PC

Supreme League of Patriots Review – From Pop Culture to Politics, No One is Safe | COG

22h ago - Targeting everything from reality television to politics and everything in between “Supreme Leagu... | PC
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