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Iron Fisticle Review | Saving Content

21h ago - Excerpt: "Iron Fisticle is deep, challenging yet rewarding. And while retro-inspired, borrows man... | PC

Frugal Gaming Review | GoD Factory: Wingmen

21h ago - It’s clear that Japanese culture has had a big influence on the visuals of both the ships and the... | PC

Very Early Access, But Much Potential Lies Within Dex - Cliqist

21h ago - Nathaniel Liles writes: "Dex, in its current form, is very early access-y. There are a lot of bug... | PC

Enigmatis the mists of Ravenwood SteamFirst Review

22h ago - SteamFirst: Enigmatis the mists of Ravenwood is a point and click adventure with an occasional fi... | PC

Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Review: Risen 3: Titan Lords – Shallow Waters

1d ago - DualShockers' Staff Writer Jorge Jimenez is all about that pirate life in his review of Risen 3:... | PC

Kill The Bad Guy SteamFirst Review

1d 5h ago - SteamFirst: Kill The Bad Guy is a strategy puzzle game available on Steam. You use whatever objec... | PC

Shadow Blade: Reload Review | GameGrin

1d 6h ago - GameGrin's Andrew Duncan writes: "Unlike the ninja, our review of Shadow Blade: Reload is noisy. | PC

Paranerds: Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising – Game Review

1d 6h ago - Before we truly get into the meat of this article there’s something which needs to be commented u... | PC

Minimum Review – The Next Big Thing? | GamersFTW

1d 10h ago - The first thing that springs to my mind when we hear ‘minimalistic’ and ‘shooter’ used to describ... | PC

J.U.L.I.A Among the Stars Review | GamersFTW

1d 10h ago - J.U.L.I.A Among the Stars is a charming, narrative driven adventure game from CBE Software. T... | PC

Hatoful Boyfriend Review - Gametactics

1d 10h ago - Dating Sim visual novels are usually simple affairs, so in order to spice things up to leverage p... | PC

Fall Into an Enormous Hole With Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle (Review) | Twinfinite

1d 12h ago - Chaz at Twinfinite writes, I haven’t dedicated nearly as much of my time as I might expect wit... | PC

X Rebirth - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

1d 14h ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writs: To put a few things into perspective, I picked up X3: Albion Prelud... | PC

Minimum Review: Maximum fun | GameZone

1d 14h ago - GameZone: "Minimum is very fun with its blocky art-style and MOBA inspired elements. I did run ac... | PC

Review: Super Time Force Ultra (PC) | G3AR

1d 14h ago - G3AR: "Super Time Force Ultra, humorously and perhaps appropriately abbreviated as STFU, is the P... | PC

Metro Redux Review | Warp Zoned

1d 16h ago - Warp Zoned writes: "Recently, the trend of re-releasing old games as shiny, new PlayStation 4/... | PC

The Sims 4 Review: You must go back before you can move forward | GameZone

1d 16h ago - GameZone: "When playing The Sims 4, it’s important to remember that all of those fond memories yo... | PC

Train Fever review: Still love playing with trains | Technology Tell

1d 16h ago - From the review, "Train Fever can be a fun game for newbies to the train simulation world, but al... | PC

The Waste Land Review (Invision Game Community)

1d 17h ago - The Waste Land is an 8-bit, open world, role-playing action adventure title from indie developer... | PC

PlayDevil: The Sims 4 Review

1d 18h ago - PlayDevil has reviewed The Sims 4 Here is a snippet: "The Sims 4 looks better than ever, wi... | PC

Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post

Flockers Review: Silence Of The Lemmings

1d 18h ago - Team 17 bring the combined carnage of Lemmings-inspired gameplay and Worms industrial style to a... | PC

MWEB GameZone Review | Amazing Princess Sarah - Glorious 16-Bit Fun

1d 19h ago - Amazing Princess Sarah is a weird, great and addictive game. | PC

Review: Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse - Not the fastest mouse on the pad

1d 23h ago - Logitech has raved about the Hyperion Fury mouse being “The Worlds fastest gaming mouse” and as s... | PC

Flockers Review [Capsule Computers]

1d 23h ago - Vicky Martin from Capsule Computers wrote: "Team 17 return from the Worms franchise with a Lem... | PC

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Review [Capsule Computers]

1d 23h ago - The fifth entry in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolu... | PC
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