Dev of the Day : Robin Arnott
  Interview with Robin Arnott, Part One

Robin Arnott, sound designer and lead developer, takes us through a very educated and radical journey about SoundSelf and its far-out origins and e...

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State of Decay Review I Good and Bad, No Middle Ground - The Game Fanatics

7m ago - William Harmon writes: I picked up State of Decay on the Steam Summer Sale this year, and it was... | PC

[Continue Play] Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Review

28m ago - Continue Play's Wes Copeland looks at Just Add Water's remake of PS1 classic Abe's Oddysee and fi... | PC

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 - Amid the Ruins Review | IncGamers

28m ago - Telltale's penultimate episode in The Walking Dead Season Two finds Clementine and her ever-chang... | PC

Gods Will Be Watching Review: Nihil’s Hymn | RGZCA

1h ago - As Ray sits there and enters the same commands over and over again, he feels a certain autonomy t... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Shovel Knight Video Review - The Ranting Robots

1h ago - Shovel Knight review by The Ranting Robots. | PC

Momodora III Review - Not Great, Not Terrible (Twinfinite)

3h ago - Mike G from Twinfinite writes: Platformers are a strange bird. Some are relatively simple run-... | PC

Sniper Elite 3: SteamFirst Review

4h ago - SteamFirst: Sniper Elite 3 is a third person shooter with an emphasis on stealth and sniping. You... | PC

The Walking Dead: Amid the Ruins – Review | Brilliantly Epic

4h ago - The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 4: Amid the Ruins is one of the best episodes of the franc... | PC

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Review - Chet & Jon

5h ago - Dragon's Teeth is a more than passable themed expansion pack, but it's a shame that it doesn't wo... | PC

Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King pulls on the Yin & Yang of my heart strings | GZ Review

5h ago - GameZone: "If you like good Dark Souls environments and puzzles, this is definitely the DLC for y... | PC

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Review | GES

7h ago - "The Story of the Dynasty Warriors epic saga continues and is based on the Chinese writer Luo Gua... | PC

Divinity: Original Sin Review | GodisaGeek

9h ago - Chris Lockie: "A game that does well as a single-player RPG, and does well as a vast, exploration... | PC

The Walking Dead: S02E04 – Amid The Ruins Review | GameCloud

12h ago - Paddy at GameCloud writes: "With Episode 4 over, Telltale have set us up a bomb of emotional f... | PC

GT Omega Steering Wheel Stand Review (Console Monster)

19h ago - Console Monster writes: "The Steering Wheel Stand is GT Omega's entry-level wheel stand, however... | PC

Rogue Legacy Review | GodisaGeek

20h ago - Mikhail Madnani: "Rogue Legacy is full of surprises. When you’re not attempting to kill a difficu... | PC

HonestGamers Review // The Walking Dead: Season 2.4 - Amid The Ruins

20h ago - Gary Hartley Writes: "Baulking at the light near the end of the tunnel" | PC

Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica Review | Hardcore Gamer

20h ago - Res Publica is now out for EU4 along with Patch 1.7. Its content centers around a new mechanic fo... | PC

Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2 – In Harm’s Way

20h ago - Electronic Theatre: Young Clementine has had it pretty tough of late. Her parents are long gone.... | PC

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Review | GodisaGeek

21h ago - Mick Fraser: "If anyone knows how to bring a classic onto modern stage, it’s Just Add Water. Not... | PC

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Blurred Morals | GamerTell

1d 1h ago - From the review, "Amid the Ruins picks up exactly where Episode 3: In Harm’s Way left off. So of... | PC

One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

Now - Drew puts on his straw hat for another wacky adventure. | Promoted post

Abyss Odyssey Review by The Black Panel

1d 2h ago - The Black Panel writes: Abyss Odyssey is a beautiful and insane action platformer that tries real... | PC

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf Finale Review | GearNuke

1d 3h ago - Read on to see how the final episode of The Wolf Among Us titled Cry Wolf fared in our review. | PC

Nevertales: Shattered Image Review | JiG

1d 3h ago - Though veterans of the genre will likely with there was more depth to its difficulty, Nevertales:... | PC

Divinity: Original Sin Review [MonsterVine]

1d 3h ago - MonsterVine: "Larian Studios of Divinity fame dropped the super cool Divinity: Dragon Commander l... | PC

Abyss Odyssey Review - More Like 'Abysmal Odyssey' | Twinfinite

1d 3h ago - Twinfinite writes: Abyss Odyssey is a 2.5D side-scrolling beat-em-up from ACE Team. It has a u... | PC
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