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Anna’s Quest Preview – Unique, Enjoyable Point & Click Adventure | COG

1d 19h ago - COG Writes: "Classic point & click adventure gameplay, a splash of black humor and a story set in... | PC

Battle Chasers is Back and it is Glorious [KKEnt]

2d ago - Kuma wrote: First time I heard that Joe Madureira announcing the return of Battle Chasers was the... | PC

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

The Intense 50 vs 50 Tactical Action of Squad - Cliqist

2d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "One of the more unique facets of Squad is the ability for teams to create... | PC

Moonrise Preview (Invision Game Community)

2d ago - A lot of games take inspiration from older titles, whether it is the setting, gameplay mechanics... | PC

The Mad Max Game Has Me Less Excited Than The Movie | Kotaku

2d ago - Jason Schreier: "It’d take one hell of a video game to live up to the brilliant, relentless ac... | PC

The Ship to Ship And Man on Man Combat of Galaxy Heist - Cliqist

2d ago - Marcus Estrada writes: "It's described in the most simplistic way by Space Bear Development as an... | PC

Preview – Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns [Pixel Dynamo]

2d ago - Want to know how Heart of Thorns is shaping up? Ed Orr digs deeper into the Maguuma Jungle in the... | PC

Absolute Drift Beta - a masterpiece of burnt rubber and minimalism

2d ago - VVV: "The aesthetic of the game is decisively minimalistic, with most of the game world sticking... | PC

Dying Light: Bozak Horde is GREAT | Games Under Pressure

3d ago - Is Dying Light’s new DLC, Bozak Horde, better than the terrible Cuisine and Cargo? You bet it is.... | PC

Jumping and Looping Through the Neon Dance Club of Drive Any Track | Hardcore Gamer

3d ago - Drive Any Track popped up on Greenlight back in January and looked like one of the greatest gamin... | PC

Power Drive 2000 Looks as Awesome as Nostalgia Pretends the 80s were | Hardcore Gamer

3d ago - Power Drive 2000 mines the 80s for a visual flair that’s applied in ways both obvious and subtle,... | PC

World Of Warships Preview At Skewed And Reviewed

3d ago - Neil at Skewed and Reviewed has posted a positive preview of the pending World of Warships game.... | PC

Mad Max is melee car combat in an open wasteland | Polygon

3d ago - Avalanche's Mad Max fixes a determined grapple hook to certain open-world conventions. The game c... | PC

Kingdom Wars 2: Battle - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

3d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Kingdom Wars II: Battles aims to merge numerous elements from diff... | PC

Mayan Death Robots Preview [MonsterVine]

3d ago - MonsterVine: "Mayan Death Robots is a game derived from passion, immaturity and fun couch-play id... | PC

Mad Max boasts explosive car battles and a mechanic named Chumbucket | GamesRadar

3d ago - GR:"Men with bomb-spears decimating oncoming traffic. Getting sustenance from the maggots living... | PC

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward preview | Gamereactor UK

3d ago - GR-UK writes: "Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward looks to be a massive expansion of an already huge... | PC

Mad Max Developer Interview and Hands-On | AusGamers

3d ago - AusGamers recently went hands-on with Mad Max: Savage Road at a pre-E3 event in LA and also spoke... | PC

Mad Max hands-on: The fast and the Furiosa | PCgamer

3d ago - PCgamer: "Avalanche Studios calls cold, snowdrowned Sweden home, which might make them seem li... | PC

In Mad Max, Car Combat Reigns Supreme | Gamespot

3d ago - Gamespot: "The pale skinned War Boy ran at me, oblivious and uncaring to the fact that I was s... | PC

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WASDuk: Kyn PC preview - It's tough up north

3d ago - WASDuk previews upcoming Tactical RPG Kyn, from two-man development team, Tangrin. | PC

Preview: Jotun, A Beautiful Hand-drawn Adventure To Valhalla - Gaming PC Forum

3d ago - FreakOrama writes: "Jotun is worthy of all praise for all of its features and genres its tackling... | PC

Mad Max video game reveals a desert full of danger | GamesBeat Preview

3d ago - GB: The Mad Max movie remake starring Tom Hardy has taken in more than $219.8 million worldwide... | PC

The Mad Max game takes a different path to Fury Road | Eurogamer

3d ago - EG: I almost feel sorry for the Warner Bros VP sitting across the table from me. I get the stron... | PC

Killing Floor 2 Preview (Invision Game Community)

3d ago - In KILLING FLOOR 2 players descend into continental Europe where the outbreak caused by Horzine B... | PC
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