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GTA Short Turns Assassination Gone Wrong into Awesome Chase Scene

2h ago - Listen: contract killings can go wrong sometimes, okay? It’s just something that happens. But, in... | PC

Not Even Mortal Kombat Can Kill Jason Voorhees

3h ago - A few players have found a curious glitch where Jason Vorhees refuses to stay down, even after ex... | PC

The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Fan Creates Team Fortress 2 Story Mode

3h ago - Given all the videos and comics they put out, it’s kinda shocking that Valve never did this thems... | PC

Watch a GTA V Player Fight For His Life in this Great Fan Film

7h ago - Don't you just hate it when your assassination target doesn't die the first time? Gunfights and c... | PC

An Oral History of Star Wars: Republic Commando by its Lead Programmer

11h ago - SWTORStrategies: Have you ever wondered more about Star Wars: Republic Commando? As a Star Wars g... | Xbox

Need for Speed Teaser Trailer

16h ago - Brand new Need for Speed game revealed | PC

Video: The world of Game of Thrones recreated in Minecraft

18h ago - Eurogamer: "George R. R. Martin is said to have first started writing A Song of Ice and Fire b... | PC

RIDE - 2015 Yamaha R1 at Road America Multicam

18h ago - VVV: "Its been a few weeks now since our last RIDE video (you can thank Project CARS for that), s... | PC

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Receives New Producer Video Interview

20h ago - A new One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 producer interview has been shared online, detailing the more... | PC

Tale of Tales Sunset Gameplay Video - P.T meets Groundhog Day

21h ago - A 30 minute gameplay video showing off the Tale of Tales Sunset first person point and click adve... | PC

Check out this Overwatch gameplay video featuring the gunslinger McCree

23h ago - Overwatch character Jesse McCree is featured in the latest video for the team-based shooter. It s... | PC

What the hell's going on with The Witcher 3's horse?

23h ago - GR: "Turns out the most magical thing in The Witcher 3 isn't griffons or anything with a surpl... | PC

Sierra Releases “King’s Quest – A Hand Painted Game” Dev Diary

1d ago - Today Sierra released the latest developer diary from the upcoming King’s Quest. | PC

Bad History: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

1d 3h ago - This video is completely satire. MONG presents: History of the Witcher. Mike B was wondering wha... | PC

Here's The First 15 Minutes of Gameplay For Magnetic: Cage Closed

1d 3h ago - Magnetic: Cage Closed, a first person puzzle platforming game just got a new gameplay video, the... | PC

New Power Drive 2000 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video Released

1d 14h ago - If you still can't sink in how 80's futuristic of an arcade racer Power Drive 2000, then check ou... | PC

The Witcher 3: Easter Eggs - Save a Troll, Get an Elf's Head

1d 17h ago - Here is a hilarious and tiny example of the sheer variety of characters you will randomly meet in... | PC

GTA 5 has its first Superman mod

1d 17h ago - The mod everyone has been waiting for is here, even if it’s a simple one. | PC

de_dust - The Strategic Value of Choke Spots In Multiplayer Map Design - RagnarRox

1d 17h ago - RagnarRox is back again with some insight on choke points in one of the most famous competitive s... | PC

Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS Vita Unboxing

1d 17h ago - WholesomeGamer: "Join us for a look at what you get inside the box of the newly released PlayStat... | PC

Follow Releases.com on Twitter

Now - Get the latest release dates for games, movies and TV Series from our Twitter page. | Promoted post

Life Is Strange Episode 3 : Chaos Theory - Bright Eyes, Lua

1d 19h ago - After an exhilarating midnight of sneaking through Blackwell's ominous corridors past the Academy... | PC

Mortal Kombat X's old lady fights back with her own Brutality

1d 19h ago - Mortal Kombat X's Blanche is the old lady who pops up in the background of the fighting game's O... | PC

The Witcher 3’s Load Times Are Extremely Long Even After Dying During/Failing Quest

1d 20h ago - After hearing about The Witcher 3's long load times, ThisGenGaming timed how long the game takes... | PC

Ex SimBin and Eden Games staff working on WRC 5, new developer diary released

1d 20h ago - VVV: "Since getting our hands on DiRT Rally and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, we're feeling rally fev... | PC

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — max settings at 60 FPS

1d 20h ago - PCgamer: "Worried The Witcher 3 might have received a graphical "downgrade" on PC? We decided... | PC
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