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United Front Games On Sleeping Dogs Sequel, Reasons Behind Creating Triad Wars, Engine Improvements

1h ago | News | During a recent Reddit AMA, United Front Games' developers revealed some interesting new details about this new upcoming PC-only online game. In addition, United Front Games' devs talked a bit abou...

Lords of the Fallen looks Impressive but Nobody’s Talking about It

3h ago | Opinion piece | Lords of the Fallen looks better and better each time I see it and it’s about time people start n...

Why Lords of the Fallen Impressed Me More Than Bloodborne

11h ago | Opinion piece | "After trying both games, I can't help but be more impressed by Lords of the Fallen at this stage of development."

Blizzard Has Officially Canceled Project Titan

9h ago | News | CraveOnline: "The MMO market has been struggling to evolve for years. There have been some great...

Japan Floods Microsoft's Booth at TGS

23h ago | Image | While Japanese Xbox One's sales are face down in the dirt, it apparently isn't due to the machine...

Fall 2014 Games Lineup

5h ago | Opinion piece | A listing of and break down of some of the bigger games coming out this fall.

FIFA 15 demo is the most played in EA Sports history

6h ago | News | According to EA, the FIFA 15 demo had over 5.5...

FIFA 15 - PS4 Review - PSNation

12h ago | Review | PSNation has poured countless hours into the Ultimate Team Edition of FIFA 15 for this in-de...

Four Video Games We Haven’t Heard Much From Lately

9h ago | Opinion piece | Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "More and more great titles are being developed with...

Destiny Loot Farming: Infinite Engrams....Without Firing a Shot

16h ago | Opinion piece | IGN says by now you all must be aware of the Treasure Cave in Destiny that you farm Engrams with....

Will Sunset Overdrive come to PC? Here's what Insomniac has to say

23h ago | News | Does Insomniac intend to follow in the footsteps of Dead Rising 3 and Ryse and port Xbox One excl...

FIFA 15 Review – No Stripped Down NHL 15 Experience Here | COG

11h ago | Review | The FIFA franchise is back again providing fans...

Alien: Isolation - Here Are 5 Minutes From The PC Version

13h ago | Video | YouTube’s ‘Luetin09′ has shared a new video, showing 5 minutes of gameplay footage from the PC ve...

Here Is An Amazing LEGO Recreation Of TitanFall

14h ago | Video | YouTube’s ‘Fancy Pants’ has shared an amazing LEGO recreation of Respawn’s online shooter, T...

FIFA 15 Review | VideoGamer

11h ago | Review | VideoGamer: "There's a sublime game of football in here, but overpowered goalkeepers and a l...

Meet the booth babes of Tokyo Games Show

19h ago | Image | Say what you will about booth babes, they are still one of the biggest draws to gaming convention...

FIFA 15 Review: The Karachiite

13h ago | Review | FIFA 14 launched with much anticipation and excitement last November alongside Sony’s PlaySt...

Unknown Tomb might be the 'Uncharted' Indie game fans are waiting for

17h ago | News | Verocious brings news of Unknown Tomb set to be...

GTA V: Will Current Players Upgrade?

21h ago | Opinion piece | GTA 5 Cheats looks at whether current players of GTA V will upgrade to the PC, Xbox One or P...

GameInformer: Hands-on The Evil Within's First Five Chapters

18h ago | Preview | "As part of our October cover story on the past...

Triad Wars officially unveiled

22h ago | News | Square Enix and United Front Games have officially unveiled Triad Wars, its upcoming PC open...

Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass DLC Screenshots

22h ago | Screenshot | Ubisoft has released a batch of new screenshots...
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