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The legend of Korra: The Game review | IGN

3h ago | Review | Dan Stapleton from IGN says: "I have no idea who The Legend of Korra: The Game is for. It’s definitely not for young fans of Korra, as the combat is too unforgiving, the boss battles too tedious, t...

A New Era of Multiplayer For Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

2h ago | Video | Sledgehammer Games released the A New Era of Multiplayer video for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare featuring great feedback from the players.

How Ubisoft Killed the Modern Day Story in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise

4h ago | Opinion piece | OnlySP: Assassin’s Creed. These two words identify what is quite possibly my favorite franchise,...

Free content released for Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor

11h ago | News | Neil writes "We all like free stuff and the latest content bundle for Middle-earth Shadow of Mord...

Am I the Only Person Who Disliked Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor?

7h ago | Opinion piece | Darren from The Gamers Lounge writes "Although Monolith's adventure into Mordor was well received...

Top 10 most disappointing gaming moments

4h ago | Opinion piece | Continue Play's Oliver Zimmerman thinks back to all those disappointing moments in gaming's bumpy...

Star Citizen GPU Test: A GTX750 Could Give You 30FPS At Max Setting, 1080p

7h ago | News | Russian hardware site GameGPU recently tested what kind of GPU you may need to run Star Citizen a...

The Golf Club Returns to the Links with Extensive Feature Update

8h ago | News | GoodGameBro writes, "Late last night, HB Studio...

Top Five Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

15h ago | Opinion piece | From the article - These woman only dominate their adversaries but they look good while they do i...

Lords of the Fallen Dev Talks About Tech, PC & Consoles

11h ago | Interview | "Our massive interview with Lords of the Fallen...

"Hatred" Trailer Looks Good, Target of Double-Standard Views.

15h ago | Opinion piece | The "Hatred" trailer is the subject of double-s...

Free copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, while supplies last

9h ago | News | Green Man Gaming is giving away free copies of...

Fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay video shows Skyhold fortress

11h ago | Video | Yesterday, the project's developers presented t...

Mass Effect Director Hints at Oculus Rift Involvement in New Project

11h ago | News | VRFocus - Back in August 2014 celebrated videog...
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