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15 Misconceptions Non-Gamers Have About Gamers

17m ago - Can gamers ever be a part of "normal" society when stereotypes like these loom? | PC

6 Games That You Will Shed A Tear For

17m ago - Developers create video-games that mesmerise us, thrill us, shock us and humour us. However, it i... | PC

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (XB1) Review

Now - Ken revisits the fourth entry in the saga of Dante (and Nero). | Promoted post

Video Game Worlds That Actually Feel "Alive"

1h ago - OnlySP: Jay returns this week with a new video editorial discussing video game worlds that really... | PC

Obsidians Best Games

6h ago - Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Founded in 2003, Obsidian Entertainment have enjoyed a relatively e... | PC

Does Dead Rising Watchtower Prove Video Games don't Need Movies?

7h ago - A look at the Dead Rising Watchtower movie and how it reaffirms the idea that video game based mo... | PC

The Red Ash Kickstarter Continues to be Absurd

7h ago - Red Ash should have been a gold mine according to recent trends: Yooka-Laylee, Bloodstained and S... | PC

What Next For Rocksteady Studios?

19h ago - Now that Rocksteady Studios has tied up their Batman trilogy with Arkham Knight, Throwing Digital... | PC

Heroes of the Storm: Leoric is Broken

19h ago - Leoric is the latest hero to be released for Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is normally fairly ade... | PC

Jumping From Consoles to PC - Not as Scary as You Think

21h ago - "The gaming scene of today is utterly massive in every way, shape and form. Millions of people ar... | PC

New Red Ash Deal Only Adds to Fans' Confusion

21h ago - Keiji Inafune continues to push the line with his Kickstarter campaign for Red Ash, and Grab It d... | PC

Grinding in Games: Do We Need Loot to Have Fun?

21h ago - Is the thrill in the reward or in the hunt? Does it have to be there? | PC

Best Video Game Quotes – The Ultimate List

21h ago - UpItHQ writes: "The world’s best video game quotes have been found. This list describes the best... | PC

8 Cool Games From Bitsummit 2015

21h ago - "Bitsummit is an annual game conference and trade show in Kyoto, Japan, with emphasis on independ... | PC

To 4K Or Not 4K? The Pros & Cons Of Ultra-HD Gaming

23h ago - Jeremy Laird "With Laird Towers currently undergoing major renovations, RPS’s hardware coverage h... | PC

5 Incredible Crafting Systems in MMORPGs

23h ago - Grab a hammer! MMOGames count down some of their favorite crafting systems in MMORPGs. | PC

Mechwarrior Online Review

23h ago - Mechwarrior Online review with screenshots and videos. A look at the 2013 Mechwarrior Online MMO. | PC

The Theft of Single Player Stories By Multiplayer Games

1d ago - OnlySP: So, I've recently started playing Final Fantasy XIV. For those of you who don't know, Fin... | PC

Dying Light is community at its finest

1d 2h ago - GameZone: "DLC does not sell games; games sell DLC. Techland knows this, and with Dying Light the... | PC

Do blockbuster movies really need video games?

1d 6h ago - Jordan Higgins looks back on the idea of making video games to go with movies and wonders if the... | PC

The 4 Biggest Changes We Want In Mafia III

1d 8h ago - 2010’s Mafia II is one of the generations most underrated titles, and perhaps the closest video g... | PC

Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Xbox One streaming to Windows 10 is almost flawless

1d 8h ago - GameZone: "Last night I was finally chosen. Chosen to upgrade my Windows 8.1 to the shiny and new... | PC

Top 10 new videogame releases in August of 2015 that you might want to buy

1d 8h ago - The top ten new videogame releases of August 2015 that you might want to consider buying. | PC

One Dreamer is a Meta Acid Trip

1d 8h ago - One Dreamer is an absolute trip with crisp sounds, definitive visuals, and a dual setting that’ll... | PC

5 Game Of The Year Contenders Still To Come

1d 9h ago - MR BLACKMAGIK of the DRM Gamecast lists 5 Game of The Year Contenders Still To Come in 2015. | PC

Will Zombi U Work as well on PS4 & Xbox One? I’m Not Convinced

1d 12h ago - ZombiU was the game that convinced me to buy a WiiU. The little touches that the gamepad brought... | PC
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