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The Evil Within Essential Survival Tips

2h ago - MMGN: The Evil Within is a brutal game. It wants you to fail, and even tells you how many times S... | PC

The Evil Within Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

5h ago - One Angry Gamer "Despite all the tomfoolery going on in the gaming industry at the moment, with D... | PC

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -- How To Play As Claptrap

6h ago - This character is probably the most difficult of the bunch...but his Action Packages go a long way. | PC

FIFA 15 Tips for Free Kick

9h ago - FIFPlay: To score a goal from a free-kick in FIFA 15, you need to follow these steps. | PC

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD!

Now - Check out details here! | Promoted post

The Legend of Korra - An experience of the Avatar in playable form?

13h ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "According to Nickelodeon’s, The Legend of Korra Producer, Co-Creator and V... | PC

Maestro: Dark Talent

15h ago - "A night out with a friend at the Opera House turns into a nightmare! This mysterious diva's dark... | PC

"Linear story games are really going to suffer in the modern marketplace", says Far Cry 4 dev

15h ago - Far Cry 4 dev: "I'm really interested in emergent games and where that's going with video shari... | PC

The Evil Within Guide- Unlockable Weapons/Items/Modes

15h ago - Just like the Resident Evil games, Mikami’s The Evil Within offers a variety of unlockables after... | PC

EA Seemingly Stick to Their Guns: Fifa 15 Coin Related Resets

21h ago - In late August, roughly one month before the release of FIFA 15, EA promised to crack down on coi... | Xbox

Battle Yetis With The Far Cry 4 Season Pass

1d ago - Clipping Error discusses the Far Cry 4 season pass, what content it gives you, what we know right... | PC

Interview: Mario Casteñeda about Hex Heroes

1d ago - An interview with Mario Casteñeda, the maker of The Bridge. Casteñeda talks about his latest end... | PC

Welcome to Mistland - The Children

1d ago - Julie Morley writes: "Julie Morley delves back into the world of Mobot Studios' Knite and the Gho... | PC

Five Facts - Ryse: Son of Rome

1d ago - Ryan and Ray bring you five facts over Ryse: Son of Rome. | PC

Dreamfall Chapters: Reborn Performance Guide

1d 2h ago - Nicolae Andrei at in2gpu.com wrote: "It has been so long since I played Dreamfall: The longest... | PC

Interview: Frogwares Studios and the Ukrainian Crisis

1d 12h ago - An interview with Frogwares Studios about making its recent game, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Pun... | PC

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Choosing the Best Element

1d 15h ago - Robert Workman (Prima Games): Today’s mini-guide breaks down the five elements you can combine wi... | PC

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel – All Heads List Guide

1d 19h ago - Looking for something new in the head slot, here you are – find out all the head that you can fin... | PC

Kickstarter Watch: The Black Glove

1d 23h ago - The Black Glove unites creative minds who worked on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, coming togeth... | PC

Get To Know Resident Evil Revelations 2's Claire And Moira

2d ago - The Resident Evil franchise has a lot of well-known characters, many of which have remained mains... | PC

This Week's New Releases in the US - 10/20/14

2d ago - Here is Middle of Nowhere Gaming's weekly edition of new releases in North America. Which games a... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

Every horrible monster you’ll meet in The Evil Within

2d ago - GR: So you think you know what you're up against in The Evil Within. You've seen the lurching mas... | PC

The Evil Within - How to Defeat the Alpha Boss Fight Chapter 10: The Craftsman’s Tools

2d ago - Here is a strategy on how to defeat the Alpha Boss in Chapter 10: The Craftman’s Tools. | PC

Boosting To Level 90 Is A Bad Idea In World Of Warcraft

2d ago - NowGamer discusses the problems with skipping straight to the end-game in World Of Warcraft. Just... | PC

Taking A Look At - Assassin's Creed Unity Characters Trailer

2d ago - Clipping Error takes a look at the new trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity. The trailer shows new... | PC

Diablo 3: Legendary Item Names and the Development Team

2d ago - "I'm very interested in Diablo lore. So if you're like me, then you probably have wondered where... | PC
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