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7 Most Disappointing Games In 2014

0m ago - Whether it was launching with barely any content or launching with a lot of broken features, each... | PC

Worst Game of 2014

38m ago - 2014 saw some good games, but we still had to endure a few stinkers. | PC

Games To Look Out For In January

1h ago - The first month of 2015 has plenty of games to please gamers on all systems; although there is le... | PC

Best Video Game Graphics of 2014

2h ago - One of the most controversial years in the games industry is now coming to an end, but which game... | PC

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Always Been There – Honoring Gaming’s Transgender Roots

4h ago - As the video game industry continues to grow, more transgender developers are working in gaming t... | Arcade

Games of 2014: Alien: Isolation - You're Newt going to believe this

9h ago - Eurogamer: "It's been a long time since I played a horror game where I needed someone else prese... | PC

Top 5 Steam Winter Sale Games You Haven’t Heard Of For Under £1

9h ago - Joseph Dwan writes: Every year the winter sale comes around and the front page is filled with gre... | PC

2014 PUG Game of the Year Awards: Day Two

9h ago - Jonathan Nielson writes: "When I sit down every December to think about the game I will hold up a... | PC

12 Days of VR Gaming – Day 6: Ethereon

10h ago - The holiday season is upon us and many of VRFocus‘ readers will be eager to spend much of their t... | PC

The Rise and Fall of Crash Bandicoot

11h ago - 2014 has seen renewed requests from gamers to bring back the once loved platforming icon, Crash B... | PS2

PES 2015: 10 Improvements Konami Must Make

12h ago - WC: Pro Evolution Soccer has had an illustrious time in the gaming industry. There are scarcel... | PC

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – 6 Essential Tips To Rank Up Fast

12h ago - So you’ve given in to the hype and bought a copy, as everyone’s been telling you how amazing it i... | PC

20 Best Video Games Of 2014

12h ago - WC: Shining a light on the best of the best is exactly what’s needed when so many consumers of ne... | PC

Game of the Year Awards 2014 | Best Strategy Game

12h ago - Dealspwn writes: Command & Conquer bit the dust hard last year, and Total War's not been on the s... | PC

Fun Video Games You’ve Probably Never Played

12h ago - GamerBolt: "There are loads of strange and nearly forgotten titles that are certainly worth your... | PC

10 Most Scandalous Gaming Moments Of 2014

14h ago - WC: "Hasty cancellations, check. More than a handful of controversies involving the app store, ch... | PC

Fallout 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Mass Effect

14h ago - WC: Without further delay, it’s time to consider the ways in which the space-hopping adventures o... | PC

WWE 2K15: 10 Improvements Needed For WWE 2K16

14h ago - There’s plenty of evolutionary improvements that 2K must make for WWE 2K16. | PC

Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2015

14h ago - One Angry Gamer "A top 10 list from Games HQ Media has been unveiled that rolls out the most anti... | PC

Dragon Age Games I Wish Existed but Know Never Will

14h ago - There are some Dragon Age games which would exist in an ideal world, but won’t ever happen in rea... | PC

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

Editorial: Get Rid Of "Sticky" Hero In Next AC, Please

14h ago - There was a time when you had to be careful on the rooftops, lest you leap to your death. Now, th... | PC

2014 Personal Pick — Titanfall

14h ago - PCgamer writes:"Every time I publish a news story about Titanfall at least one guru pipes up in t... | PC

The Games of January 2015

14h ago - "With 2014 now in the rear view mirror, as gamers our focus quickly shifts to 2015. Don’t expect... | PC

Telltale’s Game Of Thrones: 5 Intense Moments From Episode 1

14h ago - These are those moments, the five most intense from the first episode of this phenomenal new take... | PC

11 Problems Only Call Of Duty Players Will Understand

14h ago - From noob-tubers to campers. An insight in to the everyday problems of a COD addict. | PC
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