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  Q-Games' John Davis on PixelJunk, Nom Nom Galaxy and T-Shirts

Hi, I'm John Davis, Q-Games Community Manager and Assistant Producer on the latest PixelJunk title, Nom Nom Galaxy! We're honored to be part of the...

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Join N7 this Halloween with the new Mass Effect Flight Suit

1052d ago - Pixels or Death's Mike "Scrimshaw" Potts details the release of Bioware's new Mass Effect N7 Flig... | Xbox 360

PAX Prime 2011: Everything False is True Again: The Secret World

1052d ago - "Bees are returning worldwide. Portals are reaching through time and space. A hollow world. The f... | PC

FTG @ PAX Prime 2011: Interview with Jeramy Cooke for Gearbox Studios

1052d ago - “I’m dancin’, I’m dancin’!” With that phrase, a stupid little homicidal dancing helper robot s... | PC

Bonus Round Episode 508 - Part Two: Motivation to Create

1053d ago - GameTrailers: Where did the world of BioShock come from? What about Oblivion? How about God of Wa... | Industry

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Go Home Dinosaurs! Interview, Part Two

1053d ago - Cat writes, "Interviewing Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games’ Fire Chief, isn’t really about asking q... | Culture

Shacknews - Firefall hands-on preview.

1053d ago - At PAX Prime 2011 it was difficult to ignore Firefall's presence. From the hulking statue in one... | PC

G4TV: Skyrim PAX 2011 Preview

1054d ago - Have you ever wondered what you'll do with all the townspeople and chickens you can slaughter in... | PC

Go Home Dinosaurs! Interview, Part One

1054d ago - Cat writes, "Interviewing Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games’ Fire Chief, isn’t really about asking q... | Culture

Tribes: Ascend Hands on preview - Bringing the PC FPS back

1054d ago - As far as FPS titles on the PC go, the landscape over the last decade has shifted greatly from wh... | PC

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - PAX 2011: Team Classic Dust Map Gameplay (Cam)

1055d ago - Counter-Strike hit the floor of PAX Prime 2011 with a playable demo. Check out the classic CS act... | PC

DualShockers: PAX '11: Monaco is the Most Fun You'll Have With Friends or Strangers

1055d ago - John Colaw played Monaco at PAX and wrote about his experience. He writes: "Monaco was very inter... | PC

PAX 2011 Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Interview - GotGame

1055d ago - The next iteration of Virtua Fighter 5 is looking to take the classic fighting series to the next... | PAX

End of Nations PVP, Cash-Shops, and Focus Fire

1055d ago - William Murphy sidled up to the End of Nations booth during PAX Prime to get his hands on the gam... | PC

PAX Prime 2011: Chris Rippy Rips iTZKooPA a New One Over Orcs Must Die!

1055d ago - Chris Rippy, Producer of "Orcs Must Die!", divulges the first details on both character progressi... | PC

An Hour With Skyrim [GameRevolution - PAX Prime 2011]

1055d ago - GR: Having been converted by radiation fire in the nation's capitol and New Vegas, I was excited... | PC

PAX Prime 2011: Torchlight II Multiplayer, Pets and Tweaks Discussed

1055d ago - iTZKooPA interviews Travis Baldree, President and Game Director of Torchlight II. They discuss di... | PC

PAX 2011: MMORTS End of Nations Joining Free-to-Play Crowd

1055d ago - Trion Worlds announces that their new MMO, End of Nations, is going to be F2P. | PC

LoreHound: PAX Prime 2011: TERA First Impression

1055d ago - Our Guest Writer, Beararms, lets us know his first impression of TERA. | PC

N4G Preview: Miegakure

1055d ago - Cat writes, "Miegakure is a game of the fourth dimension. Featured for an hour at Chris Hecker's... | PC

Quantum Conundrum Interview with Kim Swift - GotGame

1055d ago - Kim Swift was one of the people behind the creation of the extremely popular puzzle game, Portal.... | PAX

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PAX 2011 Gotham City Imposters Interview - GotGame

1055d ago - So maybe you’re not the real Batman. And yeah, sure, perhaps you employ tactics that may be letha... | PAX

Lorehound: PAX Prime 2011: The Secret World Demo & Overview

1055d ago - Lorehound's review on The Secret World, with Demo footage included! | PC

N4G Preview: Go Home Dinosaurs!

1055d ago - Cat writes, "It’s a Fire Hose Games’ title, so you know two things straight away: it’s going to b... | Culture

GameNTrains PAX Prime 2011 Adventures

1056d ago - GameNTrain: PAX Prime has easily become something that I look forward to. It all started last ye... | Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 Interview with Kevin O'Leary Brand Manager (EA) PAX Prime 2011

1056d ago - Dreamgirl and Webgamer talk with Kevin O'Leary Brand Manager and Product Manager for Battlefield... | PC