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Bishop Games is a small studio out of Quebec City, Canada. The three-person studio began work on their first game, Light Fall, last year and since... (25)
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Bundle Stars – Delirium Bundle

394d ago - Hey folks, one more bundle full of some great games and indie titles for that rainy day. | PC

[Continue-Play]Review - Party of Sin

485d ago - Alex Harrison takes a look at Party of Sin, a story of an indie game being funded successfully, r... | PC


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Review: Party of Sin (Pixel Judge)

858d ago - Indie and a platformer aren’t the words that inspire confidence. While some people like platformi... | PC

Groupees Be Mine Anniversary Bundle Offers You Insane Amount of Content for $5

860d ago - Hardcore Gamer: The Groupee Be Mine Anniversary Bundle currently boasts 25 different items and yo... | PC

Steam Games Dungeons And Two Worlds II In Cheap Be Mine Bundle

867d ago - gets yet more indie deals. As always, Groupees has dirtcheap games of great quality w... | PC

Indie Game HQ Review: ‘Party of Sin’ by Crankshaft Games

874d ago - In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, James took a look at Crankshaft Games’ first retail title Party... | PC

Budgets and Burnout: Party of Sin

878d ago - TPG writes: "Daniel Menard from Crankshaft Games opens the doors of PC gaming development to d... | PC

Party of Sin Review | GameBanana

883d ago - GameBanana writes: Party of Sin is a very good game and I was very pleasantly surprised. | PC

Party of Sin Review at CalmDownTom

892d ago - The game begins with all the sins being imprisoned in a high security prison in Hell guarded by b... | PC

Party of Sin Review (

896d ago - Party of Sin opens with the seven deadly sins on the run from hell. It's a good premise and delig... | PC

Party of Sin Review [Just Press Start]

901d ago - Lucas of Just Press Start writes: "Party of Sin is an action 2D platforming game about how the... | PC

CGM Reviews: Party of Sin

902d ago - Party of Sin is a genuinely strong effort from a new company on the Canadian indie scene. While t... | PC

Party of Sin Review | Hooked Gamers

904d ago - Hooked Gamers write: "Party of Sin is a side scrolling puzzler with a heap of fighting involve... | PC

Fantastic Neighborhood 44: Christmastime in Jerkville

926d ago - Fantastic Neighborhood writes: "Will Gallego comes by to talk about high-level Borderlands 2 play... | Xbox 360

Review - Party of Sin | Invert-On

927d ago - For all imminent hellraisers Party of Sin is out now. Yes, recreate the plot of Se7en without the... | PC

Party of Sin Review (GamingBolt)

928d ago - "Other than the impeccable chore that is Dante’s Inferno, I can’t really recall a lot of games ce... | PC

Party of Sin Review | Leviathyn

931d ago - Leviathyn | Party of Sin is a platform game that combines combat with solving fiendish puzzles wh... | PC

Party of Sin Review || LAG

932d ago - Party of Sin began life as a Kickstarter project ( | PC

'Party Of Sin' Review - A Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

932d ago - "Being presented with a game that at its core nature is about the seven deadly sins I did wonder... | PC

A Party of Sin (PC) | FTG Review

933d ago - FTG Writes: What’s your vice? Are you a compulsive liar? Too jealous sometimes? Ever wonder what... | PC

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

Party of Sin [Lasting First Impressions]

934d ago - It should be a sin to enjoy Party of Sin this much. Crankshaft Games released Party of Sin today... | PC

PC game release list for the week of 12.09.12

934d ago - The following is a list of PC games released for the week of December 9th, 2012. | PC

Party of Sin Release Date Announced

940d ago - Crankshaft Games has annouced the release date of their debut game, Party of Sin. | PC

Party of Sin – Let’s Play Preview (Just Press Start)

974d ago - Lucas of Just Press Start writes: "Around the beginning of the month I had the honor of interv... | PC

The IGM Trailer Park – Lot #1

987d ago - This week in the IGM Trailer Park, we look at 'Retro City Rampage', 'Anna', 'Luftrausers', 'Plane... | PC
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Party of Sin

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