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User Review : Papo & Yo

  • Visuals and atmosphere.
  • Classic style gameplay.
  • Emotional immersion.
  • Typicial UE PS3 problems.
  • Easy puzzles.
  • Short play time.

An Emotional Romp through Strong Metaphores.

When Vander Caballero expressed that Papo & Yo would "tell the story of of his abusive father", a few people actually believed that it was for shock value and "just a hipster indie dev shoving his childhood down our throats just for the sake of it". What Minority Media ended up delivering was an immersive experience that allowed us to emotionally connect more gradually and accordingly.

Papo & Yo starts off with a scared little boy named Quico hiding from someone in a closet only to see and go through a portal to what may be a dream land and psychological escape from his current situation. Along his traversing, he solves puzzles with imagination in a way that would give 'Inception' fans an interest pique. He also does a lot of oldschool platforming to get from one place to another. He also meets others that may help or hinder his progress (or both in some case), plus at certain times he has flashbacks to the real world to give more understandable meanings to situations at hand, all the way to the end.

Papo & Yo have a lot going for it as Minority's first title, the world is lush and beautiful with gorgeous lighting and scenery combined with great retro art style and animations that once again prove that you don't need realism to have a beautiful experience in game visuals. The sound also adds to the atmosphere, with clean sound bytes from the voice acting to ear pleasing music that when combined with everything else gives a real feeling of being in a mystical Favela and the world beating a beautiful latin heart.

No game is perfect, and for Minority, most of the problems with Papo & Yo are technical...

There have been VERY FEW Unreal Engine games that do really well on the PS3 (Rock of Ages off the top of my head), and unfortunately, Papo & Yo sits with the almost norm for UE on PS3. Screen tearing is very apparent, Anti Aliasing is lacking and lots of glitches can occur in some places. Other problems are the ease of most puzzles and the length of the game (although trophies and extras for multiple playthroughs help, if only a little), it startled me to find out when I actually beat it because I was so into the story and wanted to keep the flow going.

All in all, Papo & Yo is a great first attempt by Minority Media, that can really suck you into the experience despite it's faults, if only to cause that one last fault because of it's immersive ability. The team deserves a lot of praise for their work, and hopefully, the success they can attain can provide them with better tools to achieve a more technically stable process in their next project.

Unreal Engine norm for PS3 offsets amazing Vistas and beautiful game world.
Clean audio and great music help to give the game a rhythmic latino experience.
Classic platforming gets offset by typical UE PS3 glitches to hinder that nostalgic feel.
Fun Factor
This game is mainly for the emotive immersion, and goes for it nonstop.
No online. (unless you count trophies, that is...)
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Metaphors should be spelled without that last E at the end. Besides that, lovely review!