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Papo & Yo

- PS3

When Vander Caballero expressed that Papo & Yo would "tell the story of of his abusive father", a few people actually believed that it was for shock value and "just a hipster indie dev shoving his childhood down our throats just for the sake of it". What Minority Media ended up delivering was an immersive experience that allowed us to emotionally connect more gradually and accordingly. Papo...



Papo & Yo

- PC

“Such wonder the mind of a child is.” This phrase is obviously salvaged and only slightly changed thanks to Yoda’s ever-so-wise use of broken English, but the essence of the saying is still one that will always resonate with us. That maxim is what fuels Papo & Yo. With the opening by the writer/creative director, Vander Caballero, paying respects to his mother and siblings “with whom I [Ca...

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Papo & Yo

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