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Hero Generations is Successfully Funded! Let's Make Adventurous Families!

2d ago - The next game from Heart Shaped Games has been successfully funded and it has you put on a grid w... | PC

Kosmik Revenge Released on the OUYA

9d ago - The OUYA’s storefront gets so bloated with shovelware that it’s easy for really good games to get... | Mobile

Thunder Desert GP Unleashes Throwback Racing on the OUYA

19d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Thunder Desert GP is an easy game to dismiss on first glance. The game's page on... | Android

Fright Fight Now Available on the OUYA

22d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Fright Fight came to life thanks to Kickstarter and now, one of the OUYA's most-a... | Android

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

JetGetters Coming to OUYA

22d ago - Hardcore Gamer: JetGetters has a little over two weeks left to go for its Kickstarter campaign. I... | Android

OUYA Celebrates Founders With Seven Deals in Seven Days - DUBWARS Down to $10

29d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Originally dubbed Dubstep Wars, this twin-stick shooter combines shooting with du... | Android

Ouya store to be available for consumers to download within six months

30d ago - Ouya's operating system will be available for consumers to download and install to their own hard... | Tech

Empathy game Thralled explores slavery through love and motherhood, not violence

36d ago - GamesBeat writes, "Slavery isn’t a new topic. We’ve read about it in books and watched countless... | Android

Thralled: The Indie Video Game About A Runaway Slave Becomes An OUYA Exclusive [VIDEO]

36d ago - Enter the latest potential installment in the question of whether games are art! Thralled promise... | PC

Ouya To Showcase 12 New Games Next Week

38d ago - While the Ouya failed last year it might still have a chance to get back up. It's showcasing 12 n... | Industry

Ittle Dew Gets 60% Discount on the OUYA

46d ago - Hardcore Gamer - Ittle Dew is a humorous take on the classic overhead Legend of Zelda formula. Yo... | Android

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection Gets Flash Sale on OUYA

47d ago - Hardcore Gamer - Flump Studios, the group behind Super Killer Hornet Resurrection, has made the b... | Android

Ouya exclusive games will expand to other platforms

50d ago - "Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says the company wants to make its ecosystem of exclusive Ouya games avail... | Android

Laza Knitez Launching March 12th on OUYA

55d ago - In Laza Knitez!!, players assume the roles of four ultranoble warriorz and take to a field of min... | Industry

Exclusive Interview with Wide Pixel Games

56d ago - Blaze of Ghost Volta: "OUYA has given us the ability to converse with some tremendous indie devel... | Android

OUYA Website Relaunch

63d ago - It's been almost a year since the OUYA was released worldwide, and what was supposed to be an aff... | Android

Exclusive Interview with OUYA Developer Distropolis Games

63d ago - Blaze of Ghost Volta: "Another exciting game has been released for OUYA! And just our luck - Arm... | Android

Team2Bit Brings Fist Puncher to OUYA February 25th

64d ago - The button-mashing brawler's release kicks off a two game partnership with OUYA Team2Bit bri... | Industry

Score an Ouya Android Console and $25 Game Credit for $85

70d ago - Maximum PC: Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ouya's developers have been trying to dr... | Android

Super Crossfire is Likely Coming to Ouya

73d ago - Luke Schneider of Radiangames has revealed his plans to port Super Crossfire to the Ouya. | PC

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OUYA Gets $30 Coupon For Base 8GB Unit

73d ago - Hardcore Gamer: We love the OUYA here at Hardcore Gamer. It’s a frequent topic of discussion on t... | Android

Achievement System and Remote Control Support in Development for Ouya

78d ago - Megan from NoobFeed writes - Just yesterday Ouya announced yet another system update, titled "Jac... | Tech

Toto Temple Deluxe Exclusive for Ouya, Why are Devs Still Doing This?

79d ago - Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Juicy Beast, the independent game developer of Toto Temple Deluxe w... | Dev

So, There's a New Ouya

83d ago - Ouya has just announced a revised version of their Android-powered gaming system. This new versio... | Android

Indie OUYA Game Follow-Up Coming to Wii U

93d ago - Team Kakumei has announced on Reddit that it’s bringing its OUYA game Wrecking Balls Arena to the... | Wii U
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