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okami Reviews  

Okami - The best game no one played?

262d ago - Interesting video by a friend of mine. I played Okami recently and was surprised at how little th... | PS2

A Look Back: Okami (Wii) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

1172d ago - Romel Ramos – For ninety-nine years, the demon lord Orochi lay imprisoned and the lands of Nippon... | Wii

TheBBPS Retro Review: Okami

2001d ago - TheBBPS: &quot;So if I haven't made this clear already, I really like this game and I believ... | 9

NL: Okami review

2062d ago - Okami is a fantastic game and deserves to be alongside Zelda in the top echelon of adventure game... | 3

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Nintendo World Report review of Okami

2170d ago - Nick DiMola writes for NWR: &quot;Okami is a stunning game experience through and through. I... | 3

Ace Gamez: Okami Review

2210d ago - If you're reading this, you've probably either just bought Okami (and want to make sure you've do... | 3

VG Reloaded: Okami Wii Review

2218d ago - The Wii version of Okami is pretty impressive. It may have its issues, but it's certainly more th... | 3

Gamestyle Review: Okami (Wii)

2221d ago - Gamestyle writes: &quot;Very few games can claim to be Zelda-beaters, but when Okami was released... | 3

The Guardian review: Okami

2226d ago - Nobody would begrudge Okami a second stab at success: when it was originally launched on the Play... | 3

Wonderwallweb give Okamo 9.5/10

2230d ago - Quote from site: &quot;In theory this game should sell by the bucketload, its one of the bes... | 3

Console Monster: Okami Review

2232d ago - Console Monster writes: &quot;What if god was just a mutt? Well, not to get into any religious id... | 3

TrustedReviews: Okami Wii

2237d ago - Okami offers you a rich and beautiful world, and a genuinely unique take on a classic Japanese st... | 3

CVG: Okami Review

2239d ago - Orochi was a demon who liked his routine. Appeased by a human sacrifice, he would slumber for a w... | 3

ONM review: Okami

2240d ago - Capcom teaches an old dog new tricks. Okami is one of the greatest videogames ever made. Yes... | 3

411: Okami Wii Review

2264d ago - What else can be said about Okami Wii. The game is an artistic marvel that offers something new a... | 3

Okami Review (VGGEN)

2266d ago - Pros: * At last, a third-party Zelda! * Great art style. * Tons to do outside o... | 3

WorthPlaying reviews Okami

2267d ago - WorthPlaying reports: ''Anyone who was paying attention back when the Wii was little more th... | 3

Thunderbolt reviews Okami

2268d ago - Justin Boot reports: ''The world is dying. The trees are nothing more than wooden skeletons. Th... | 3

Eurogamer: Okami Review - 10 out of 10

2275d ago - Eurogamer writes: &quot;This shouldn't be happening. To quote from Kristan's review of Okami on t... | 3

Diehard GameFAN Review: Okami

2278d ago - Diehard GameFAN writes: &quot;Clover Studios, despite only actually developing about five or six... | 3

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post

Crispy Gamer: Okami Wii Review

2280d ago - The control issues can be maddening at first, but they become less frustrating as you get a feel... | 3

Gamervision reviews Okami for the Wii

2283d ago - Gamervision reports: ''I ignored Okami when it was released, and I couldn't tell you for the li... | 3

GameZone: Okami Wii Review

2284d ago - While some minor control issues here blemish an otherwise flawless package, Okami remains one of... | 3

Gametrailers: Okami Review

2286d ago - Gametrailers asks has this PS2 port been perfected or is it still on a quest of stroke and order? | 3

Gamers Temple: Okami - Review

2286d ago - Gamers Temple writes: &quot;I'll be honest – before I even played Okami, I was ready to give the... | 3
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Release Dates
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EU Q3 2006
US 19 September 2006
Wii Release Dates
EU 15 April 2008
US 15 April 2008