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Okami HD Review | Gamestyle

639d ago - There are few games out there that wow with beauty and imagination, the story of wolf Amaterasu a... | PS3

rawDLC Retro-spective: Okami HD review

771d ago - There are many benchmark titles which carry with their memory a lasting fondness, a recollection... | PS3

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Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Okami HD Review - Zero1Gaming

858d ago - Kimo reviews the beautifully updated Okami HD. A game so pretty and clever that it out 'Zeldas' t... | PS3

Okami HD Review – Taking the godly bait | WWC

883d ago - WWC: "I first played this game approximately six years ago on the PlayStation 2. From what I reme... | PS3

Okami HD Review | GamingTrend

929d ago - GamingTrend writes: "When Clover Studios broke off on its own I wondered what the heck could C... | PS3

Okami HD Review | GamingExcellence

935d ago - Back in 2006, PlayStation fans got their own version of an enthralling Zelda adventure in the for... | PS3

Okami HD Review - Gaming Nexus

935d ago - From the review: "The HD-ification of Okami is a stunning success. The improved visuals alone mak... | PS3

Okami HD Review | SplitScreenGaming

936d ago - SplitScreenGaming: "Whether you’re a long time fan who is looking to replay the game in HD, or ar... | PS3

Okami HD Review | VGW

938d ago - VGW: "Okami HD is a title begging for you to download it. Veterans will love the visual overhaul... | PS3

Okami HD Review | PSNation

939d ago - PSNation: "One of the most amazing-looking games of the PlayStation 2 era received a facelift, an... | PS3

Okami HD Review | PopMatters

943d ago - PopMatters: "It’s fascinating. It’s a joy to look at, and as an artifact of history, it’s worth s... | PS3

VE3TRO: Okami HD Review

949d ago - @ve3tro: "The original release of Okami on PlayStation 2 was well received by critics. But it did... | PS3

Okami HD Review | Armchair Empire

954d ago - Armchair Empire: "This is Okami's third appearance. It began on Playstation 2, was ported to Wii,... | PS3

Worth Playing - Okami HD Review

959d ago - Worth Playing - Okami depicts a stark world devoid of color that the player must return to its na... | PS3

PSi - Okami HD Review

960d ago - PSi - Okami HD is a remake of the original PlayStation 2 game famous for its painted style of gra... | PS3

We Know Gamers - Okami HD Review

961d ago - Okami HD is a game shaped like a Japanese fairytale. It instantly gets you immersed through its s... | PS3

Ōkami HD Review | ReadyUp

966d ago - ReadyUp writes: "The worst thing that can be said about Ōkami is that many gamers thought it m... | PS3

Okami HD Review | Total Playstation

968d ago - Total Playstation: "What's really amazing about Okami is that it is just as good of a game today... | PS3

Okami HD Review | PlayStation LifeStyle

968d ago - PlayStation LifeStyle: "Some PlayStation Move gripes aside, Okami HD should still be on any gamer... | PS3

Okami HD Review | The Gamers' Temple

970d ago - The Gamers' Temple: "If you haven't played Okami yet then there is no better time to pick it up t... | PS3

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Okami HD Review | Destructoid

976d ago - Kyle MacGregor writes: Okami HD is the definitive version of one of the past decade's premier gam... | PS3

Okami HD Review - TGH

979d ago - "Steeped in Japanese folklore, myths and legends, Okami‘s somewhat peculiar story wraps around yo... | PS3

PSXE Okami HD Review: The Therapeutic Celestial Brush Beckons

979d ago - It was one of the most artistically impressive games of the PS2 generation and now it has returne... | PS3

Okami HD Review | Machinima

980d ago - Machinima: "Okami HD is a great example of what games can accomplish outside the realm of guns an... | PS3

GotGame: Review | Okami HD

980d ago - GotGame: Even though this is an update to the classic game, without ever knowing about the first... | PS3
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Okami HD

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