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IndieCade 2014: VR Typing Trainer | Marooners' Rock

11d ago - Chris writes: "I have found my reason to purchase an Oculus Rift once the consumer kit becomes... | PC

Hands-on + 20-minute video of Alien Isolation on the Oculus Rift DK2

14d ago - The Rift Arcade - So how does it play? It’s just as amazing as we hoped. One simple tweak has unl... | PC

Preview: Dream [VRFocus]

17d ago - VRFocus - With the development of Dream nearing completion, the small group of developers at Hype... | PC

Preview: Alien: Isolation on Oculus Rift [VRFocus]

21d ago - VRFocus - In 1979 audiences were terrified by a man in a latex suit. That man was Bolaji Badejo a... | PC

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[ABG] Pixel Rift - Oculus Rift Simulates a Real Retro Gaming Experience

22d ago - Pixel Rift is a super cool (and rather silly) use of cutting edge virtual reality technology to r... | PC

Hands-on: Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Prototype [VRFocus]

33d ago - VRFocus - Oculus VR's big announcement at Oculus Connect was the revelation of a new prototype: C... | PC

Preview: The Cave for Gear VR [VRFocus]

36d ago - VRFocus - Passive experiences were common on the Gear VR at IFA, Berlin, following the initial re... | PC

Preview: Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot for Gear VR [VRFocus]

44d ago - VRFocus - Originally debuted at San Diego Comic Con back in July of this year, Pacific Rim: Jaege... | PC

Faceted Flight Preview | Saving Content

48d ago - Scott gets his flight on with Faceted Flight, a game designed for Oculus Rift. But for the purpos... | PC

Eyes-on Impressions of Soundself 2.0 From PAX Prime 2014 | Entertainment Buddha

51d ago - EB's Matt Heywood writes, "This Oculus Rift supported adventure into your soul and mind is more o... | PC

Preview: Private Eye [VRFocus]

56d ago - VRFocus - Private Eye is a videogame that has been circulating around the virtual reality (VR) co... | PC

Preview: SNOW [VRFocus]

63d ago - VRFocus - Following the revelation that Poppermost Productions will be bringing their winter spor... | PC

Hands-On with Crytek's VR Tech Demo

66d ago - VRFocus - Stunning. Absolutely stunning. There is an argument that even the most gorgeous technic... | PC

Preview: Pixel Rift [VRFocus]

68d ago - VRFocus - The virtual reality (VR) development community is becoming famous for it’s original ide... | PC

Project CARS Hands-on [VRFocus]

73d ago - VRFocus - Due out in November 2014, Project CARS is aiming to integrate both the Oculus Rift on P... | PC

Preview: Senza Peso on Oculus Rift DK2 [VRFocus]

79d ago - VRFocus - This is not a stream of consciousness, it is a journey. The path has been laid out for... | PC

Elite: Dangerous Preview on Oculus Rift DK2

83d ago - The Rift Arcade - Where do we begin when describing Elite: Dangerous? It’s just vast. Humongou... | PC

Eden River HD Preview – Tranquility Amidst a Sea of Action-packed Oculus Rift Games

97d ago - Just because VR is more immersive doesn't mean its only use is to get your adrenaline pumping. Aa... | PC

The Assembly - Madeleine Stone's Incarceration [VRFocus]

98d ago - VRFocus - I awake to find myself artificially encumbered. My captors, unaware that I have regaine... | PC

[ABG] Nekolus - Play With Cats On Oculus Rift

103d ago - Nekolus is an adorable application that allows you to play with lots of cute little cats on an Oc... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Hands-On Preview: Virtual Bike [VRFocus]

116d ago - The diversification of virtual reality (VR) is not a bad thing. The modern rebirth of the medium... | PC

VRFocus Preview: Radial-G

117d ago - VRFocus - A super-fast futuristic racing videogame. Players take on the roles of pilots as the ba... | PC

Stompz Previewed with Snowdrift [VRFocus]

118d ago - VRFocus - Matt Carrell, creator of the motion-control device Stompz, has revealed another install... | PC

Preview: XING: The Land Beyond - A Rollercoaster Ride Made for VR [VRFocus]

119d ago - VRFocus - An adventure videogame set in a lost world played from a first-person perspective. XING... | PC

VRFocus Preivew: 4PM

120d ago - VRFocus - You awake in your own bed. This is not the most dramatic opening for a videogame ever i... | PC
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