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Image & Form is a video game development studio made up of more than a dozen brilliant, childishly creative and mostly overaged people in Gothenbur...

Oculus Rift Previews  

Eden River HD Preview – Tranquility Amidst a Sea of Action-packed Oculus Rift Games

6d ago - Just because VR is more immersive doesn't mean its only use is to get your adrenaline pumping. Aa... | PC

The Assembly - Madeleine Stone's Incarceration [VRFocus]

7d ago - VRFocus - I awake to find myself artificially encumbered. My captors, unaware that I have regaine... | PC

[ABG] Nekolus - Play With Cats On Oculus Rift

12d ago - Nekolus is an adorable application that allows you to play with lots of cute little cats on an Oc... | PC

Hands-On Preview: Virtual Bike [VRFocus]

25d ago - The diversification of virtual reality (VR) is not a bad thing. The modern rebirth of the medium... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

VRFocus Preview: Radial-G

26d ago - VRFocus - A super-fast futuristic racing videogame. Players take on the roles of pilots as the ba... | PC

Stompz Previewed with Snowdrift [VRFocus]

27d ago - VRFocus - Matt Carrell, creator of the motion-control device Stompz, has revealed another install... | PC

Preview: XING: The Land Beyond - A Rollercoaster Ride Made for VR [VRFocus]

28d ago - VRFocus - An adventure videogame set in a lost world played from a first-person perspective. XING... | PC

VRFocus Preivew: 4PM

29d ago - VRFocus - You awake in your own bed. This is not the most dramatic opening for a videogame ever i... | PC

Eve: Valkyrie E3 2014 Oculus Gameplay Impressions | iDigitalTimes

31d ago - - "With a new game engine and an updated Oculus dev kit at its disposal, Eve: V... | PC

Stompz Previewed with Affected [VRFocus]

33d ago - Stompz developer Matt Carrell has revealed a new preview of the forthcoming Stompz motion-control... | PC

Superhot (Oculus Rift Version) Preview—So Fine (The Koalition)

41d ago - Garrett from The Koalition writes: I want to preface this preview by mentioning the conditions... | E3

VRFocus Preview: Lucky's Tale

42d ago - VRFocus - Virtual reality (VR) is largely considered to be the domain of first-person experiences... | PC

VRFocus Preview: The Assembly

43d ago - VRFocus - 2014 is a landmark year for virtual reality (VR). Despite the fact that we’re unlikely... | PC

VRFocus Preview: Alien: Isolation in Virtual Reality

44d ago - VRFocus - The clue is in the name. You are alone. In a rare and daring twist on the established t... | PC

Hover - Revolt of gamers | VR Gaming

46d ago - In Hover: Revolt of Gamers you play a trendy alien free-runner in a totalitarian society where ga... | PC

VRFocus Preview: The Crypt

63d ago - VRFocus - As it stands, modern virtual reality (VR) is a wonderful hub of lively debate and activ... | PC

VRFocus Preview: Narcosis

67d ago - VRFocus - Simulator sickness is a real issue. The distance between what the eye sees and the body... | PC

VRFocus Preview: Unreal Engine 4's Couch Knight Demo

70d ago - VRFocus - An unexpected announcement at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) earlier this year,... | PC

Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift

71d ago - look at all the details so far and make comparisons between the two V... | PS4

Oculus Rift Hands-On Preview – Say goodbye to your TV [Dealspwn]

74d ago - Dealspwn writes: Even as a resolute console gamer, I couldn’t wait to get my face into an Oculus... | PC

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VRFocus Preview: EVE Valkryie

85d ago - VRFocus - VRFocus has had the pleasure of sampling CCP Games’ virtual reality (VR) showboat piece... | PC

VRFocus Preview: Virtuix Omni

90d ago - VRFocus - 75 lbs of steel, plastic and rubber. A new pair of shoes, a harness and enough space in... | PC

PAX East 2014: Oculus Rift Hands On Black Oni Blog

90d ago - The line for Oculus Rift was insane; a line formed to get INTO the line, which seemed to be cappe... | PC

Eyes-on Impressions of SoundSelf for the Oculus Rift | Entertainment Buddha

97d ago - One of the most innovative games to be shown off at the Indie Mini-Booth at this year’s PAX East... | PC

IrrationalPassions: Enemy Starfighter Preview

98d ago - Zack took a trip to the Indie Megabooth at PAX East and came across a gem known as Enemy Starfigh... | PC
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