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Facebook: the "hero" Oculus needs, not the one it deserves

669d ago ... Now that some of the dust has cleared with this one, I thought I'd briefly make my case on why Facebook buying Oculus Rift isn't that bad. Brief preface: I HAVE actually donned the Rift to play some student-made games at my college. I see potential, but not the next step in digital entertainment. I probably WILL get one myself, but only because the thought of a space-sim with one of those th...

Thanks Facebook, You Rifted the Oculus

681d ago ... It's a sad day in Game Land. The Oculus Rift looked keen to change the way we look at gaming - literally. While virtual-reality isn't exactly new; the O.R looked poised to revive the age-old idea, and turn this failed-fantasy into a brilliant reality. It soared up on KickStarter, with thousands of backers graciously donating to get the project up on its two feet - with the hope that an am...
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