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What Kickstarter’s biggest hits did next

2d ago - Now their first games have launched, here’s what some of Kickstarter’s biggest hits are now worki... | Culture

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Super Smash Bros.

6d ago - VRFocus - Virtual reality (VR) in its current state is best applied to slower, more plodding expe... | Wii U

Hands-On with Mariott’s Get Teleported [VRFocus]

19d ago - Sponsored virtual reality (VR) experiences are a trend that has grown rapidly throughout 2014 and... | PC

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Fallout

20d ago - VRFocus - We want virtual reality (VR) to take us to beautiful, fantastical, surreal, unimaginabl... | PC

Are you bored?

Now - Watch 10 seconds videos about games and game culture at COUB Gaming... | Promoted post

Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, Samsung Gear VR, Virtual Reality is Coming

25d ago - Interesting article about the future of virtual reality. | PC

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

27d ago - VRFocus - If you’ve had so much as a passing interest in virtual reality (VR) technology over the... | PC

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Rocksmith

34d ago - VRFocus - Earlier in the week Ubisoft San Francisco, the developer behind the Rocksmith videogame... | PC

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: The Evil Within

41d ago - VRFocus - Last month saw Shinji Mikami, the celebrated creator of the Resident Evil series, retur... | PC

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Mario Kart

48d ago - VRFocus - The racing genre is something of a given for virtual reality (VR) experiences. With the... | Wii

Combining Hoverboards and Oculus Rift - A Match Made in Heaven?

50d ago - Marty McFly's hoverboard from the classic '80s film Back to the Future Part 2 has become the stuf... | PC

Oculus Rift DK2 Impressions – Is VR the future of PC gaming?

53d ago - IncGamers pops the Oculus Rift DK2 on their heads to take a look at the resolution, comfort and m... | PC

What's The Coolest Future Application For VR?

54d ago - "VR is coming. At this stage, with everything from mind-blowing hi-def Oculus Rift kits to the ch... | Industry

VR vs. Smartphone HMDs

58d ago - VRFocus - It’s astonishingly clever, really. A virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) th... | PC

Virtual reality is giving Elon Musk an existential crisis

59d ago - Answering a question on the impact of VR on transport of the future at Vanity Fair's New Establis... | Culture

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Real-Time Strategy

62d ago - VRFocus - Usually with VRFocus’ ‘Make it a (Virtual) Reality’ series a specific videogame or movi... | PC

Will Virtual Reality Make Horror Games Too Scary?

64d ago - CCC Says: "Since the Oculus Rift first took to the scene, a bunch of interesting tech demos have... | Tech

VR vs. Konami

65d ago - VRFocus - Konami is perhaps one of the most interesting publishers to follow in the videogame ind... | PC

Alien: Isolation in Virtual Reality is Beautiful and Terrifying

68d ago - Road to VR – Alien: Isolation is Creative Assembly‘s stab at moving a beloved movie franchise int... | PC

Virtual Reality: A Brief History

69d ago - Power Up Gaming writes: "The imminent arrival of the Oculus Rift has a lot of consumers salivatin... | Tech

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Another World

69d ago - VRFocus - Virtual reality (VR) fans narrowly missed out on the chance to see adventure videogame... | PC

Get paid to review products

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Alien: Isolation – The Challenges of Officially Adapting for VR

69d ago - VRFocus - Alien: Isolation has finally arrived and with it comes a considerable amount of critica... | PC

VR vs. Activision

72d ago - VRFocus - With a recent history of annualised releases, toy-based videogames and adaptations of m... | PC

Oculus Shift

73d ago - Rob Thubron didn't believe in VR but his reality has been virtually changed, he writes : "I ha... | PC

Losing my Oculus virginity – playing the Rift at EGX 2014

76d ago - Taken from IM PLAYIN "A few of the writers at IM PLAYIN have already used the Oculus Rift, and... | Tech

Of course Japan wants you to use the Oculus Rift to look up girls’ skirts

77d ago - RN24: "Today in the most unsurprising non-news possibly ever: Yes, Japan is working on yet anothe... | PC
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