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User Review : Octodad

  • Adorable
  • Free
  • Extremely Fun To Play
  • Short
  • Dated Graphics
  • Bare Bones Story

Octodad: Loving Father. Caring Husband. Secret Octopus

Octodaaaaaaaaaaaad. Nobody suspects a thing. Octodaaaaaaaaaaaaad. He's got a good thing going........

Ever since I found out about Octodad: Dadliest Catch coming to the PS4 I had to see what the hell Octodad was. After watching the trailer I knew I had to play this quirky game so I decided to download the first game that was release back in 2010. The premise to this short game is that you are an Octopus disguised as a dad and you must do, what would normally be boring, chores to keep up the appearance you are a human and not an octopus. Honestly, I have never heard such a stranger concept than this and I love the game for it. The story is as basic as it comes. You are doing chores, as an octopus dressed up as a dad, and you must keep your suspicion (of you being an octopus) down while you you complete the chores. It could have been done better but it fits quite nicely in the small play time this game has.

The controls were described by the developers as "a man piloting another man from inside his head" and this is very much true. The controls are best described as having a QWOP feel to them. You control each leg with the mouse moving them forward and backward while clicking either the left or right mouse button. You also can switch to the grab mode which is very similar to the foot controls except the right mouse button is used to raise and lower the arm while the left mouse button is used to grab object.

These controls are hard to get used to at first and end up in a lot of hilarious walking attempts. But these difficult controls do make mundane tasks fun though. Something as simple as washing the plates becomes a joy because the controls are so unintuitive. Usually I would bash a game for unintuitive controls but in this case making the controls difficult to play is part of the love I have for this game.

One of the biggest pluses to this game is that it is FREE. I do not mean free with a monthly subscription nor free with having to buy stuff to play the game, it is no money needed free which is remarkable as it is the most fun I have had in awhile with a game. Being free it does mean this game isn't a graphical beauty. It definitely has a early PS2 vibe to it (i.e. character models and environments look very dated) and the cut scenes do look like they are drawn by children but this actually adds to the charm of the game. Many big budget games try and fail to make their protagonists likable and this is not one of those games. You end up really caring for Octodad which is crazy as he is an Octopus disguised as a dad.

Adding to Octodad's charm is his the way he gobble like a turkey. He doesn't speak like a human but like how you imagine an octopus would speak which is a little strange when the other characters can understand him. The other voice acting isn't superb but fits well with the overall style of the game (i.e. no overly serious).

Octodad is a very short experience but an experience that must be played by all. It isn't taxing for your computer to play (so no excuses everyone) and it is just a weird and wacky game to fill the time. Playing this game has gotten me really looking forward to the sequel.


It is time to get your game faces on

It isn't graphically stunning as it looks like an early PS2 era game. However it is free and it isn't really that distracting from the game.
Standard quality sounds but Octodad's gobbling is an adorable touch
Difficult and unintuitive. But I absolutely love it. It really adds to the charm of the game and makes this short game really fun to play
Fun Factor
I have had a short experience with Octodad but it was an unforgettable one. I could play this game for hours just messing around.
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coolbeans1799d ago

Sheesh...refrain from reviewing for a few months and now firing in rapid succession.

A grade for the effort, superman. :)

iamnsuperman1799d ago

Haha i have been a way for a while so these have been building up. I am done don't worry :P

JakemanPS319941798d ago

Just wondering but where would i go to play this? i thought its not out yet?

iamnsuperman1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

This is the first one released back in 2010. You can download it for free here:

I was saying after hearing about the sequel I wanted to find out what this game was about and so played the first one. I realise now I didn't make that clear. Sorry for the confusion. I have updated it making it more clear