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Reviewing: Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Two Tentacles UP
One of the quirkiest games I have played, begins with a level I have never seen in a video game. The game revolves around you trying to be a normal dad, in a normal life but you are anything but normal. You are an Octopus on land.

The game does a good job with teaching you the controls of an Octopus. Each leg controlled separately with the analog sticks, but you also have to press the back buttons. This coupled with you moving your arm to grab and pick up objects with the same sticks and button, makes for one crazy game mechanic. The difficulty of controlling your character is the main focus of the game.

Each stage of the game; home, store or aquarium has tasks that you must complete. What makes these easy and simple tasks so challenging, is the gameplay and control of the character. I actually found myself irritated and frustrated, but I never did not enjoy playing the game. If you do take some time and give every challenge some thought, you can will yourself into completing the objective. The satisfaction you receive for beating the level or collecting a hard to reach tie, collectables in the game, is as rewarding as say Hotline Miami or Super Meat Boy. Though it is challenging and so difficult, you feel so relieved by completing the task.

The game does well with not being too long. It has a variety of gameplay from collecting, chasing or sneaking and it gives you items to go back and collect. The humor likewise, is very on-point and the game does not pull you out of the gameplay with cutscenes, but sets the stage for the level.

Only downside I would say are some points that are so infuriatingly difficult, because of the mechanics, that you almost want to give up. An example are the ladder challenges. You have to be patient and exact and if you are not you could fall down and have to climb all the way back up. I understand that a real octopus would have quite a time getting up a ladder, but to add several of these challenges in the game gets bothersome.

There is also a lack of overall enthusiasm. Besides the moments when you find a tie, there is no creciendo or send off from level to level or scenes. I mean I feel very rewarded and satisfied when I climb the ladder or complete and objective, but I want a fist pump or confetti to fall from the sky to reward me.

Nonetheless, for $15 this game has some great humor, different gameplay and will keep you entertained for a couple of days. I recommend for any weekend, afternoon or summer play session that you might not want anything else but some simple fun.
Nothing Like It
Self Satisfaction
Irritating Moments
No Climatic Moments
Graphics No eye open or jaw dropper.
Sound Fun and toony tunes.
Gameplay Game is entirely dependent on how you struggle to control the Octodad. Though it is mostly rewarding, sometimes you feel that you fail because it is so difficult to control.
Fun factor This is where the game shines. Even though you are sometimes frustrated by the gameplay, the gratification of completing the level or task as an Octopus is so much fun that you are stuck your controller.
Overall (out of 10 / not an average)

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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AU 30 January 2014
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