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User Review : Nyxquest

  • Great platformer
  • Buttons are pretty small

The world is on the brink of destruction, and it's up to you, Nyx, to save your friend Icarus.

First off, Nyx is a damn good friend. I know some of you may have seen the quotes saying "a friend will visit you in jail, but your best friend will be in jail with you talking about how fun that was". Nyx is that friend. Instead of sitting in jail however, she's risking her life to save Icarus from the destruction that awaits the world.

It's not easy though, Nyx has to navigate through 12 levels, freeing gods that were somehow captured, and through that, gaining powers that will help you on your quest. It also helps when Zeus decides to lend you the power of lightning.

The enemies you encounter are pretty easy though. Harpies move towards you but they are slow. The hydras shoot what I assume is just dark, evil gas. The only enemies that will give you trouble are the evil goats. They are fast and can catch you by surprise. The levels themselves can also be dangerous, you can be crushed, stabbed, burned, or fall into oblivion (evil gas later on) if you aren't careful.

Movement is simple, you have three buttons controlling your jumps, forward, and backward movements. The rest is done through gestures and taps on the screen.

Graphically this game is just beautiful, the ruins of ancient Greece look amazing. It's a very detailed world. I can't really say much more.

The buttons are small, but I have pretty big fingers so sometimes they got in the way whether I was moving an object or blasting the goat fiends from hell. I did find it to be a bit short, maybe that's because I enjoyed it too much. Or maybe playing a longer game could've killed Icarus. Either way, I enjoyed the game a lot. The game uses crystal for achievements. I give it a 4/5, it's a fun game, challenging enough to keep you interested, easy enough to keep you from rage quitting. Pick it up for only .99cents

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