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Nintendo Fans are Too Smart to Buy Third-Party AAA Games

819d ago - GenGAME writes: "Touted as the most third-party friendly Nintendo platform since the SNES, Wii U... | Wii U

Scattered Showers: Awesome Boss Themes

823d ago - Here are some awesome boss themes from a variety of games for your listening pleasure | Wii

Top 5 Video Game Releases - June 2015

Now - presents to you the Top 5 Video Games We're Looking Forward To In June 2015. | Promoted post

Top 5 Hack/Slash Games

840d ago - Clickonline writes "With DMC force-feeding me my own words, God of War: Ascension pouring libatio... | PS2

Kill the Past: How Killer is Dead May Take Suda51 Back to His Roots

864d ago - GP writer Marcus Estrada discusses why he believes Suda51's new upcoming game Killer is Dead may... | Xbox 360

GameZone's very serious list of top 50 Wii games (#20 - #11)

918d ago - GameZone: "We’ve already presented 30 of the best games on the Wii. Now it’s time to take a look... | Wii

Meodia’s Top 10 Wii Games

928d ago - With the launch of the Wii U just round the corner Meodia takes a look back at the Wii and the be... | Wii

Wii 25-in-25: No More Heroes 1 & 2

940d ago - BT writes: Among the many well-known developers throughout video gaming, few have the reputati... | Wii

4 Game Releases That Went Worse Than You Thought

962d ago - GP writer Jared discusses four different game releases that were plagued by problems from the get... | Wii

Best of the Wii: Our Top 10 Third-Party Wii Games #4 - No More Heroes

978d ago - "Yes, more heroes. No More Heroes is the game that put Suda 51 on the map. Sure, he directed K... | Wii

America Through a Japanese Lens

982d ago - 1UP: "The many ways which games abroad portray our nation." | Culture

No More Heroes Social Game Released Today in Japan

1005d ago - Metal Gear Solid isn’t the only franchise getting a social game. | iPhone

Talking Point: The Rules for Violence in Video Games

1006d ago - In this week's Nintendo Download update, Outdoors Unleashed: Africa 3D arrived in the North Ameri... | Nintendo DS

Three IPs That Are Too Good To Kill

1019d ago - With the executive producer at DICE claiming that Mirror's Edge and Battlefield: Bad Company are... | Culture

New Game + | The bizarre brilliance of Suda51, part two

1023d ago - Andrew Passafiume: "From this point forward, all of Goichi Suda’s projects would veer away from t... | Culture

Feature: Crazy Nintendo Crossovers We'd Like to See

1032d ago - As strange crossovers go, Pokémon and Nobunaga's Ambition is right up there. Reactions at Pokémon... | Wii

Advancements In The World Of Level Design

1036d ago - "The first step taken into a brand new land: Something that can be so overlooked once it’s taken... | Wii

Best of the worst habits in gaming

1056d ago - Megabits of Gaming looks at five of its favourite gaming characters who have bad or slightly seed... | PC

What Motion Controls Got Right — Pt. 3 (Sword-Fighting Games)

1065d ago - It was likely the first thought that crossed many minds when the Wii remote was first unveiled at... | Wii

There Are No More Heroes When Cosplay is This Amazing

1072d ago - Hey, whaddya know, it's cosplay superstar Omi Gibson, kicking this week's round-up off with some... | PS2

Top 6 Suda 51 Games

1077d ago - GP: "Goichi 'Suda 51' Suda is one of the more prolific game developers in recent memory. The game... | GameCube

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (PS4) Review

Now - Jae checks out the PS4 version of this HD remaster. | Promoted post

Franchises That Need Fighting Games

1115d ago - Erik G of writes: " "The best thing about a fighting game is that it’s t... | Wii

Why Pandora's Tower Matters (and why it's like No More Heroes)

1133d ago - Niche titles are the cult classics of videogaming. Pandora's Tower could end up being for its de... | Wii

Interview With Actor Robin Atkin Downes (No More Heroes, Resistance 3) |

1146d ago - Ian Fisher writes: A select few of you out there may recognize Mr. Downes’ name, but you may not... | Xbox 360

No More Heroes: Bad Girl Cosplay

1161d ago - Cosplayer girl Electric Lady has turned herself into Bad Girl from the Nintendo Wii game: No More... | Wii

Top 5 Protagonists This Generation

1170d ago - MMGN.COM writes: We're seven years into this generation of gaming (we couldn't believe it either)... | Wii

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