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Voice of Professor Layton explains how he got the job

21d ago - With over 20 years of acting experience, the none-more-American Christopher Robin Miller is best... | Nintendo DS

Interview -- Developer of the Super Mario 64 remake

28d ago - Twitch user Aryoksini is remaking the classic Super Mario 64 with updated graphics (and maybe mor... | Nintendo DS

Pachter: 3DS Will Survive In Diminished Market, Vita To 'Die Slow, Painful Death'

87d ago - On the state of the PlayStation Vita: The sales are horrible. My model says the Vita sold 4.2... | Nintendo DS

Mutants Monsters and Treasure: An Interview with Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham

105d ago - once again has an interview with Jools Watsham. Learn what he is playing n... | Nintendo DS

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Interview | BlastProcess

151d ago - "TT Games, Assemble! Could you introduce yourselves to our readers? My name is Arthur Parsons,... | Nintendo DS

JustUs Geeks Interview with Jed Pressgrove: Nintendo Will Not Die

183d ago - In this interview, Fate of the Game writer Jed Pressgrove explains why it's absurd to believe Nin... | Nintendo DS

Warner's Wolff: "We really have a competitive advantage"

194d ago - Olivier Wolff is the senior vice president for international games at Warner Bros and possibly th... | Nintendo DS

QubicGames Talk AiRace, Nintendo and Indies on the Next-Generation

200d ago - Ahead of the launch of AiRace Speed later this month Electronic Theatre had the opportunity to si... | Nintendo DS

TGS: Secrets of the New Final Fantasy Sound

208d ago - How The World Ends With you and Final Fantasy Type-0 composer Takeharu Ishimoto is pushing RPG so... | Nintendo DS

SPC Interviews: Brjann Sigurgeirsson (Image & Form)

220d ago - Phil Stortzum writes, "The folks at Image & Form have something very special they can boast about... | Nintendo DS

Planes Star Dane Cook Talks Video Games

260d ago - - In Los Angeles, Disney's Planes star Dane Cook talks about going virtual as Dusty C... | Nintendo DS

ADG The Smurfs 2 Interview With Ubisoft’s Adrian Price

263d ago - ADG Interviews Ubisoft's Adrian Price about The Smurf 2 video game, movie tie ins and more. | Nintendo DS

Interview: WayForward on Shantae's Past, Present and Future

275d ago - With the release of Shantae (originally a Game Boy Color title) this week Nintendo Life touched b... | Nintendo DS

Kayarath’s Adventures In Islands

295d ago - Today’s adventure is an interview with Adrian Sandoval, the lead designer of Island Officials whi... | Nintendo DS

E3 2013: Reggie Interview - Part 1

312d ago - GT:Reggie Fils-Aime drops by the All Access LIVE set for an interview to follow up the Nintendo D... | Nintendo DS

E3 2013: Reggie Interview - Part 2

312d ago - GT:Where's the new IP? The E3 2013 All Access Interview concludes as Reggie and Geoff battle over... | Nintendo DS

E3 2013: Miyamoto Speaks

312d ago - GT:What does Mr. Miyamoto think of the future of Nintendo? You may be surprised. | Nintendo DS

Exclusive Interview: Island Officials “Nintendo Provided Plenty of Support” for Orion’s Odyssey

320d ago - Orion’s Odyssey is one of Kickstarter’s latest success heading exclusively to a Nintendo platform... | Nintendo DS

Intelligent Systems Talk Advance Wars And Fire Emblem Differences

322d ago - Plus, are there plans for a new Advance Wars game in the future? | Nintendo DS

Exclusive Interview: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone – The Movie

323d ago - The Legend of Zelda enthusiast Joe Granato, a film-maker by trade, decided to merge his two passi... | GameCube

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SPC Interviews: Manfred Linzner (Shin'en Multimedia)

361d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "If you recall, it was July of last year where SuperPhillip Central... | Nintendo DS
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