Dev of the Day : Daniel Benmergui
  At a Glance: Daniel Benmergui

Daniel Benmergui is an independent videogame maker born on 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently developing Storyteller, a storytelling...

Nintendo DS Videocasts  

Nintendo has Billions, Multiplayer in Zelda U?, Shovel Knight is a Winner – Week in Review 6/28/14

24d ago - Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast – Week in Review. Join Shawn Long as he brea... | Nintendo DS

Wii U Outsells PS4?, Mario Kart 8 Madness, E3 Smash Bros. Contestants - Week in Review 5/31

52d ago - Welcome the latest edition of Nintendo Week in Review! Shawn Long hosts the hottest Nintendo week... | Nintendo DS

NPD shuns Nintendoom, Play Mario Kart 8 TODAY, Take-Two working on Wii U? – Week in Review 5/16/14

66d ago - Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast Week in Review. This week Shawn Long takes a... | Nintendo DS

Is Nintendo the only company doing E3 right this year?

84d ago - Today on Friends List, News Editor Brian Crecente and Editor-in-Chief Chris Grant ask: Is Nintend... | Nintendo DS

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

2D Metroid vs. 3D Metroid - Nintendo Podcast

116d ago - IGN - Which era of Metroid games comes out on top? | GameCube

2D Zelda vs. 3D Zelda - Nintendo Podcast

116d ago - IGN - Which era of Zelda games comes out on top? | GameCube

2D Mario vs. 3D Mario - Nintendo Podcast

117d ago - IGN - Which era of Mario games comes out on top? | GameCube

Video Games News: Parappa The Scammer, Nintendo WiFi Connection and Watch Dogs

131d ago - In his debut videocast, Level Complete's Sam Patel talks about Parapper the Scammer, the Nintendo... | Nintendo DS

NE Radio: The Potential of DS Virtual Console on Wii U

140d ago - "With the announcement of Nintendo DS games coming to the Nintendo Wii U, the NE Radio crew gathe... | Nintendo DS

How Video Games May Not Exist One Day - Nintendo Podcast

140d ago - Nintendo terminates it's Wii and DS Wi-Fi services, causing IGN's resident Nintendo fans to quest... | Nintendo DS

The Throwdown #64

228d ago - Gaming news: • People doing crazy shit on TwitchTV and Ustream via their PS4s. • PS4 sells 2.... | Nintendo DS

Reality Check - Why Do We Love Video Game Music?

289d ago - GS - "Cam teams up with violinist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling to investigate why we all love... | GameCube

The Patch #20

291d ago - The Patch Discusses the Steam Controller | Nintendo DS

NVC: Which Nintendo Franchise Would You Get Rid of?

291d ago - Join IGN's all Nintendo podcast panel for our weekly question of the week. You can download the f... | Nintendo DS

Rank The Grand Theft Auto Games

349d ago - GR: "With GTA V just 42 days away, let's rank our favorites in the series. I'll go first." | PS2
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