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Video Game deals this weekend (5/2) from Amazon & others (US)

17h ago | Article | May the fourth is coming soon, and videogame retailers are getting ready, with Starwars deals on Amazon, Steam, PSN, etc. Amazon have a free ebook today about Retro Gaming, it's nerdy and awesom...

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: 5/2 Update

4h ago | News | Gamerdeals: "Amazon has updated their video game deals section with discounts and price m...

A Look Back at Nintendo’s E3 2005 Show

9h ago | Article | NWR: Nintendo was in the middle of an almost undeserved bravado during E3 2005. While their...

What's your All-Time Favorite Handheld Game?

4h ago | Opinion piece | USgamer:"While you consider which handheld game is your all-time favorite, here's the USgame...

Heroes of Handheld 89: OUYA on the brink & PSP Back from the Dead

3d ago | Podcast | Episode 89 of Heroes of Handheld. OUYA is on th...

Video Game Deals of the week – 4/29 Update from Amazon & others (US)

4d ago | Article | Amazon and other retailers have updated their weekly selection of video game deals as reach the middle of the week. eBay have the PS4 + The Last Of Us bundle for $349.99. For the same price, you ca...

USA Weekly, 28th March 2015

2d ago | Rumor | Hardware: PS4 77,988 (+2%) 7,612,648 XOne 54,672 (-12%) 6,901,423 3DS 44,377 (-9%) 15,028,976 WiiU 20,593 (-26%) 4,033,388 X360 10,815 (+7%)...

LeapTrade: A Look at Online Game Trading

2d ago | Article | Ken McKown writes: Aftermarket video games are a hot business. The discussion around trading game...

Tingle in Shovel Knight?!

2d ago | Interview | The guys over at Gaming Boulevard held an interview with Yacht Club Games and asked some Shovel Knight related questions. It looks like the team...

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: 4/30 Update

2d ago | News | Gamerdeals: "Amazon has updated their video game deals section with discounts and price matchi...

Video Gamers Have Better Connected Brains

4d ago | Article | Amongst the wider public, video gamers do not have the best reputation. They are perceived, somew...

The Top 10 Square Enix Games

5d ago | Opinion piece | In their latest Top 10 list, GamerU steps away from Square Enix's most popular video game series: Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, and of course, Fina...

Nintendo in Argentina – Analyzing Nintendo’s Global Reach

3d ago | Article | We hear a lot about Nintendo in the US, UK, and Japan, but what about other regions? In this new...

Garage Sales Finds Week of April 25th

4d ago | Article | Welcome to another installment of Garage Sale Adventures. Join Erik from The Gamers Lounge on his...

Indie Games Rule, OK!

5d ago | Article | Chris White shares his love for those little gems on in the console marketplaces that deserve your attention.

You Can Go Exploring Hyrule in Your Browser

3d ago | News | Hey you, Zelda fan! You know that awesome world that you've explored many a time before, Hyr...

Amazon Video Game Deals of the Week: End of April Update

4d ago | News | Gamerdeals: "Amazon has updated their video...

Nintendo: A Cherished Legacy

4d ago | Article | We The Nerdy love video games and Chris White tells us why Nintendo should live on forever.

The Greatest Game Never Made: A Console War MOBA

6d ago | Opinion piece | A conceptual idea for what could be an incredible game, but will never come to be.

Top 10 Trainer Medals for Pokemon X & Y

4d ago | Opinion piece | Chris from SuperCheats takes a look at the medals of Pokemon X and Y and comes up with his t...
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