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The Five Mysteries of the smartphone vs handheld debate

938d ago ... It's hard to believe, but the "smartphones will overtake the handheld market" punchline has been around since the launch of the Nintendo DS over half a decade ago. Yet, the DS/PSP generation has been the highest-selling handheld generation of all time. There are plenty of inexplicable things that I keep reading over and over and over and over again in this ongoing "handhelds vs smartphones" deb...

What to expect from the next generation of consoles (Nintendo)

1370d ago ... Nintendo is sitting on top of the world right now. The Nintendo Wii was a huge success with the casual market, the Nintendo DS was a huge success with the casual market, and now their sitting high on mountains of money. Enter today. The Wii sales have dropped hard, and Nintendo is not going to let their momentum drop. It's almost time for a successor to the Wii. But will it be aimed for...

Why I Love It: Final Fantasy Tactics

2217d ago ... This is just something that I thought up of writing because I happen to love the Final Fantasy Tactics series, and I was just inspired to write it because of the newest one that recently came out on the Nintendo DS. If you see this on other sites, I didn't copy it, they're just posting the original story.
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