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Hello nice people! Forgive me for this incoming wall of text. It’s the story of the Kickstarter of We Happy Few. My name is Sam, and I am th...
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Nintendo DS Opinion Pieces  

The 10 Most Frustrating Pokemon To Catch

7h ago - Teleporters, Legendaries, no Pokeballs, and more are all on this list of incredibly frustrating P... | GameCube

Top Ten Mistakes in Mortal Kombat History

1d 6h ago - Mortal Kombat has given us a ton of great moments since it hit the arcades over 20 years ago, and... | GameCube


Now - The largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring hundreds of community-driven wiki projects. | Promoted post

A Microcosm of Gaming Cultures

9d ago - The lone Asian writer for TDS has recently been to a local toys and comics convention, and he wil... | Nintendo DS

E3 Games Missing in Action

10d ago - E3 brings the hype every year, but over the last few shows we've seen a number of exciting titles... | Nintendo DS

Special: Predictions - Super Smash Direct June 14th

19d ago - The guys of Gaming Boulevard make a list of what they think we'll see during the Smash Direct on... | Nintendo DS

Chrono Trigger – A game That Wanted Everything And Got It

20d ago - ASidCast: "In my previous article, I had discussed how From Software‘s excellent Bloodborne serve... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo's future plans and a grudging cave in to mobile gaming

20d ago - Nintendo has been facing the inevitable extinction of the dedicated handheld video game console f... | Nintendo DS

Explaining How Good It Feels To Catch Shiny Pokémon

26d ago - A comparison between how good it feels to catch a Shiny Pokémon and real life feelings. | GameCube

Nintendo E3 Predictions

27d ago - In anticipation we’ve decided to predict what Nintendo has planned, minus one crystal ball | Nintendo DS

10 Games That Deserve a Sequel (other than Half-Life)

31d ago - Noobfeed Writes: " There are many games worth mentioning when it comes to "needing" a sequel, but... | PS2

Critical Gamer: My life as a gamer dad

32d ago - Kevin writes: Having become a father just shy of four years ago, the time I get to play games has... | Nintendo DS

The Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Games

45d ago - "THQ delayed this many times, but when it dropped, it delivered. The lead character is trying to... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo Gets A New Life

47d ago - The recent E3 announcement video for Nintendo has us thinking back on whether or not Nintendo has... | Nintendo DS

10 Nintendo Rides and Attractions We Wish Were Real

48d ago - In this installment of Twinfinite Talks, we ask the fans and members of our staff on what Nintend... | GameCube

Top 10 Most Annoying In-Game Pokemon

48d ago - There's always that one Pokemon that we come across while playing that causes extreme annoyance.... | Nintendo DS

‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’ Was the Game That Combated My Colorado Loneliness

53d ago - Vice: As Capcom's series proceeds, you deal with psychic powers and leagues of prosecutors. It's... | Nintendo DS

Top 5 Old School Pokemon Habits

54d ago - Some Pokemon habits are just hard to break! | GameCube

The Top 5 Greatest Racing Games

54d ago - The Top 5 Greatest Racing Games - A Pixelated View It's Formula One season, so A Pixelated View... | PS2

Nintendo needs to talk smartphone games, new consoles and amiibo tomorrow

56d ago - Nintendo's fiscal year wrapped up in March, and tomorrow the company will announce its earnings a... | Nintendo DS

How to make a comeback: Megaman

56d ago - Capcom could really do the Blue Bomber some justice...if only they wanted to make a Megaman game... | GameCube

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

For the Love of LEGO Games

57d ago - Graeme Nash writes for "LEGO games provide us with a great childish glee, no... | Nintendo DS

The New Baby Park Is Missing The Crazy

58d ago - It might look fantastic, but the Mario Kart 8 version of Baby Park is missing the... | GameCube

What's your All-Time Favorite Handheld Game?

60d ago - USgamer:"While you consider which handheld game is your all-time favorite, here's the USgamer tea... | Nintendo DS

Top 10 Trainer Medals for Pokemon X & Y

64d ago - Chris from SuperCheats takes a look at the medals of Pokemon X and Y and comes up with his top 10... | Nintendo DS

The Top 10 Square Enix Games

65d ago - In their latest Top 10 list, GamerU steps away from Square Enix's most popular video game series:... | PS2
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