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Video Games and Marijuana Use: Does One Encourage the Other?

1d 13h ago | Article | With the recent release of the next-gen platforms, PS4 and Xbox One, and with the announcement of new installments of worldwide smash hit franchises like Call of Duty, gaming really is here to stay...

Zelda: Sales Numbers in Context

5d ago | Article | Zeldainformer: "Zelda sales numbers seem straight-forward: They’re simple data about how much each game has sold. They’re easy to understand, and...

The Games Of June: Comparing 2010 Through 2014

9d ago | Article | This month brings us some interesting changes, as more ID@Xbox games have rolled out (quietly), t...

Zelda Fan Survey 2014 Results: More Older Fans Than Younger, Interesting Fan Favorites

5d ago | Article | Zelda Informer: "I have spent years pondering and talking about what makes the Zelda games tick: why do so many people, including myself, hold them in such high regard? What is this “Zelda magic” t...

The Nintendo Dilemma

14d ago | Article | " Nintendo means many things to many people; to some it’s reliable, polished and just down right fun, but to others it’s stuck in the past, gimmick...

The Impact The Internet Had Upon British Game Stores

19d ago | Article | CGUK: 'Until the birth of the internet traditional brick and mortar games stores reigned supreme...

10 animals that look like they're Pokémon, but are actually totally real

13d ago | Article | "Here then are ten prime examples of animals that are just as peculiar as anything you'll find in...
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The Nintendo Dilemma

14d ago | Nintendo DS
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