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Halloween Special: Gamings Most Frightening Moments

18h ago | Article | The writing team at Frugal Gaming each take a look back of their favourite horror games and the most frightening moments within. Is yours their? Have they got it wrong? What’s Yours?

6 Ways to Make Pokémon More Awesome

8d ago | Article | Brett has always held the Pokémon series near and dear to his heart, and while he thinks new feat...

Lost Chrono Trigger Subplot Deemed Too Depressing

21d ago | Article | Square's Chrono Trigger stands out as one of the best RPGs from the Super NES era of gaming and w...

5 Worst Pet Peeves From Last Gen That Are Still Around

10d ago | Article | The seventh generation was quite historical; it was the longest video game console generation in history (over seven years) and introduced us to many new wonders — as well as the pet peeves that st...

This week's new UK releases

14d ago | Article | GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including The Evil Within, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, F1 2014, Killer Instinct: Season 2 and more.

Mario’s Super Mushrooms: Evolved

24d ago | Article | When Mario began eating Super Mushrooms back in 1985, little did he know that these magical fungi would still be growing on him today.
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