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Will There Ever be a Good Video Game Movie?

1d 16h ago | Opinion piece | "This is just one of those things right? One so very aggravating; the fact that we just can’t seem to make a great movie adaptation of a video game. We try and try and try again, but we never seem...

Play/Date: A Few Tips of Gaming with Your Partner

17h ago | Opinion piece | "The fall season is bellowing mildly cold wind on our doorsteps just a little ways off. We all kn...

Video Game Weekend deals – 8/29 update from Amazon & others (US)

2d ago | Article | Cool deals going on this week: On the Humble Bu...

Good Game remembers Satoru Iwata

5d ago | Opinion piece | Good Game: "With the sudden passing of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata last month, I and many othe...

Nerd handheld gamers

2d ago | Opinion piece | GE writes: "Why is public handheld gaming in the west non-existent? They sell decent. DS sold by the boat load, PSP did well too. 3DS doing great, and PS Vita…anyhow. There are plenty of people who...

Top 10: The best games of the Final Fantasy series

8d ago | Opinion piece | If you are curious about the Final Fantasy series but do not know where to start, (there are 14...

Greatness Comes in Threes: Best Trilogies in Gaming - Part Two

9d ago | Opinion piece | SPC writes, "The trilogy-- in movies it's a common occurrence with hugely successful blockbusters...

Video Game Weekly deals – 08/26 Update from Amazon and others (US)

6d ago | Article | Apparently this is Metal Gear Solid week. Aside from MGS V itself, the official guide can be preo...

Iwata's Final Message and What This Means To Me

24d ago | Opinion piece | Recently, Nintendo published their newest Corporate Social Responsibility report for 2015, which...

Top 10 Weirdest Spin-Off Games

9d ago | Opinion piece | PeanutButterGamer goes over his top 10 weirdest spin-off video games of all time.

Top Five Most Underrated Nintendo Franchises

13d ago | Opinion piece | Phil of SPC writes, "For a company that's been in gaming for several decades now, Nintendo has am...

Underrated Games With Even More Underrated Soundtracks - Part One

6d ago | Opinion piece | Phil writes, "Weekly, usually on Mondays, Super...

Mario's 18 Greatest: Ranking the Mario Platformers

16d ago | Opinion piece | Den of Geek ranks Mario's greatest platformers of all-time! Which game has climbed to the top?

Video Game Weekly deals - 08/19 Update from Amazon and others (US)

13d ago | Article | This week, Yosi's new Island is $15.99 on 3DS,...

5 of Nintendo’s Biggest Risks and Their Outcome

22d ago | Opinion piece | Is Nintendo really about taking risks? Shawn Long takes a look at 5 of the biggest risks Nintendo...

Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

24d ago | Opinion piece | WM writes: "What is it about villainous characters that we love so much? Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the to...

In gaming, how can the Zombie story evolve?

21d ago | Opinion piece | With so many zombie games around these days, and with most retelling the same old story, how...

Video Game weekly deals – 8/12 Update from Amazon & others (US)

20d ago | Article | This week brings lots of discounts, in particul...

Top 10: The Creepiest Pokédex Entries

16d ago | Opinion piece | We have all played Pokémon once in our lives, and we all remember trying to fill up that dar...

Obscure Video Games: Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan DS

17d ago | Article | Destructoid: "For some reason, when I first...

Broken Sword and 25 years of Revolution

22d ago | Article | Eurogamer: "In 1989 Charles Cecil's computer could often be found in a white Ford Fiesta...

The Weirdest Pokemon Evolutions

28d ago | Opinion piece | Some are really cool (Gyrados anyone?) but some evolutions get really really weird.

What happened to the Resident Evil series?

29d ago | Opinion piece | With three Resident Evil HD remasters having now been released, a Resident Evil Zero HD Rema...

Top 8 Nintendo Franchises

22d ago | Opinion piece | 411mania: Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball. With Iwata’s passing a few weeks ago...
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Nerd handheld gamers

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