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The Many Legends of Zelda: Which Games Are the Most Essential?

6d ago | Opinion piece | A few months back, I stumbled upon a “buy one game, get one free” sale at the local Best Buy stor...

Nintendo R&D; The Weirdest Products They’ve Ever Made

10d ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo is a company that is known for their ability to come up with new and innovative ideas fo...

Miyamoto Describes Smartphone Gaming as “Pathetic”

10d ago | Article | To say smartphone and tablet gaming has blown up in recent years would be the understatement of the century; Apple has made a fortune off of the iTunes store, games like Angry Birds are known the C...

Top 1 All-American Video Game

23d ago | Opinion piece | Ever wondered what the Top number 1 All-American video game is in the USA?

Games We Can't Wait To Play At PAX Prime 2014

22d ago | Opinion piece | Pax Prime has to be one one of the most enjoyable weeks on the gaming calendar. Held in Seattle's...

Games That Made Us Cry

22d ago | Opinion piece | GodisaGeek: "We at Godisageek like to think we’re tough, that we can handle the odd emotional knock and keep on going. But the truth is, we’re all...

Six Best Handheld Installments of Home Console Series

9d ago | Opinion piece | UM: Portable console gaming was huge when it fi...

9 Short Sentences That Ruin Major Video Games

18d ago | Opinion piece | WC: The ten entries in this article are all headlined by short sentences which encourage you to l...

Nintendo’s 3rd Party Troubles Are Good for Everyone

19d ago | Opinion piece | The source of Nintendo's 3rd party troubles can...

Why Wait For Samus? Seven Metroid-Like Games To Play Now

30d ago | Opinion piece | Gameinformer: "One of the biggest disappointments coming out of E3 was the lack of any Nintendo...

Five Nintendo Series That Need a Pick-Me-Up

19d ago | Opinion piece | Tim Gruver and myself look at five Nintendo series down on their luck and theorize how Nintendo c...

11 Gaming Innovations We Owe To Nintendo

21d ago | Article | IGN - Nintendo is no mere game company. It’s a legacy. No name ever again will dominate the video...

Why Going Third Party Might Be Best for Nintendo

27d ago | Opinion piece | EndlessBacklog breaks down why Nintendo should consider going third party.

Madden: How the Franchise Became King of the Gaming Gridiron

18d ago | Article | EA's Madden franchise has sold more than 100 million units to date, but how did John Madden start...

What The Hell Is The World Ends With You Supposed to Even Mean?

11d ago | Opinion piece | Eskimo Press: The World Ends With You is the ti...

Nintendo: Where To Go From Here?

9d ago | Opinion piece | So here we are, we have a release date for Bayonetta 2, the dust has settled and we’ve all (...

What are the best Nintendo 3DS games to own forever?

13d ago | Opinion piece | What 3DS games should you pick up now and own f...

Nintendo: The Strategy Is To Not Pull A Sega

26d ago | Opinion piece | Ravi Bala: "Wii U sales have been sluggish and Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) has been struggling w...

Region-Locking Isn't as Simple as You Think

28d ago | Opinion piece | The controversy surrounding region-locking video games is a complex one, and one that’s neve...

Investing in Video Games Part 1: Activision Blizzard is a Bad Bet

14d ago | Article | Hello fellow life forms... yes I was watching B...

Big games of September: Destiny, Hyrule Warriors, The Sims 4

25d ago | Opinion piece | Finally, after a quiet few month, we’ll have so...

Simon Thinks – Games That Are Open to Interpretation

29d ago | Opinion piece | Simon Smith from Gameluster writes: As gamers,...
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Games That Made Us Cry

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