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6 Ways to Make Pokémon More Awesome

2d ago - Brett has always held the Pokémon series near and dear to his heart, and while he thinks new feat... | Nintendo DS

Game of The Week-Surgeon "Simulator"

2d ago - Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 takes a look at Trauma Canter: Under The Knife for DS this week.... | Nintendo DS

5 Worst Pet Peeves From Last Gen That Are Still Around

4d ago - The seventh generation was quite historical; it was the longest video game console generation in... | Nintendo DS

Generation Clash: The Fight for the New 3DS

8d ago - Having recently purchased Nintendo's newly-released New 3DS LL ("XL" outside of Japan), AUTOMATON... | Nintendo DS

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This week's new UK releases

8d ago - GamesAsylum looks at the week's releases, including The Evil Within, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel,... | Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Bros. Retrospective Review

9d ago - Lliam at GameCloud Australia writes: "A game which arguably sparked the rebirth of the 2D-plat... | Nintendo DS

Review: Radiant Historia

10d ago - Zarna Guamore's Charlotte Buckingham writes: "My review of the 2011 Atlus game for the DS, Rad... | Nintendo DS

Let Me Play Like A Girl

12d ago - Girly and feminine games sometimes get heat for being sexist or marketed towards females. Plus, t... | Nintendo DS

Why I Love Animal Crossing

14d ago - Have a long day at work? Need to relax? There is no greater accomplice that will free some anxiet... | GameCube

The Negativity Indie Devs Tolerate

15d ago - Indie gaming is larger than ever. Mini studios set up in apartment bedrooms are turning into mult... | PS2

Lost Chrono Trigger Subplot Deemed Too Depressing

15d ago - Square's Chrono Trigger stands out as one of the best RPGs from the Super NES era of gaming and w... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo's 125 Greatest Games Broken Down

16d ago - Justin Davis & Ryan Palmer - To celebrate Nintendo's 125th anniversary, IGN recently compiled a l... | GameCube

Retrospective: Best Gifts for the Nintendo DS in 2007

18d ago - Game Idealist's retrospective on the best gifts for Nintendo DS in 2007. | Nintendo DS

Mario’s Super Mushrooms: Evolved

18d ago - When Mario began eating Super Mushrooms back in 1985, little did he know that these magical fungi... | GameCube

The Best and Worst Alien Games

18d ago - Some of them are great and some of them make us cringe. Here are the high and low points of the A... | PS2

Nintendo: Being Different Shouldn’t Come at the Expense of Quality

19d ago - Nintendo is a very influential company that has done a lot for the games industry. However, in a... | GameCube

31 Nights of Halloween – Resident Evil

20d ago - It's October, and we're dedicating each day of the month to a new scary game. For the 3rd of the... | GameCube

Suikoden: The Greatest JRPG Series Ever Made?

20d ago - Patrick Loxley: "The Suikoden Revival Movement is an ever expanding community made up of Suiko-f... | PS2

What's So Great About Frame Rate?

22d ago - Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and as both a console and PC gamer, I have begun to notice... | Nintendo DS

Fun Facts You Might Not Know About The Nitro, AKA Nintendo DS

24d ago - "From Iris to Nitro to Nintendo DS, the dual-screened “developer system” went through hell and hi... | Nintendo DS

PS4 Game Release Dates

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The Absolute Worst Mario Power-Up Ideas Ever Conceived

25d ago - Hardcore Gamer: For all of the truly awesome powers that Mario has utilized over the years, there... | Nintendo DS

Shattered Fanboy: The Truth of Club Nintendo

28d ago - Club Nintendo recently announced their year-end rewards for 2014, and AUTOMATON's Graham Arthur i... | Nintendo DS

EGX (Eurogamer Expo) Coverage PT1: Evolve, Fable Legends, Lords of the Fallen

28d ago - A write up of GamersFTW impressions of Evolve, Fable Legends, and Lords of the Fallen, from EGX 2... | Nintendo DS

Games industry worth as much as £1.7bn – double previous estimate

28d ago - Nesta and Ukie publish first ‘big data’ based mapping of the UK’s games industry. Explosion of ne... | Nintendo DS

The Top 125 Nintendo Games of All-Time

30d ago - IGN;It's Nintendo's 125th anniversary! Way back in September 1889 "Nintendo Koppai" was founded a... | GameCube
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