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Fun Facts You Might Not Know About The Nitro, AKA Nintendo DS

13h ago | Article | "From Iris to Nitro to Nintendo DS, the dual-screened “developer system” went through hell and hi...

Final Fantasy IV Hits Steam and it's Kinda Ugly

6d ago | Opinion piece | BNR: I was somewhat disappointed when I heard about Final Fantasy IV coming to Steam; I couldn’t...

The Absolute Worst Mario Power-Up Ideas Ever Conceived

1d 15h ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: For all of the truly awesome powers that Mario has utilized over the years, there had to have been some dreadful duds that Nintendo threw onto the scrap heap. We may never know the...

The Top 125 Nintendo Games of All-Time

6d ago | Opinion piece | IGN;It's Nintendo's 125th anniversary! Way back in September 1889 "Nintendo Koppai" was founded as a playing card manufacturer. But since 1977, Nintendo has grown into one of the world's most proli...

125 years of Nintendo: The highs and the lows

6d ago | Opinion piece | As Nintendo turns 125, TrustedReviews explores the highs and lows in its gaming career.

Games industry worth as much as £1.7bn – double previous estimate

4d ago | Article | Nesta and Ukie publish first ‘big data’ based mapping of the UK’s games industry. Explosion of ne...

Shattered Fanboy: The Truth of Club Nintendo

3d ago | Opinion piece | Club Nintendo recently announced their year-end rewards for 2014, and AUTOMATON's Graham Arthur i...

Chrono Trigger Retrospective Review

6d ago | Opinion piece | Colton Onderwater at GameCloud Australia writes: "It didn’t take long to figure out why Chrono...

Happy 125th Birthday Nintendo

6d ago | Article | Nintendo turn 125 years old today. It’s quite funny looking across the internet to see comments like ‘Don’t you mean 25?’ ‘Is this a typo?’ and the...
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Games That Made Us Cry

36d ago | Nintendo DS
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