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What happened to the Resident Evil series?

4h ago | Opinion piece | With three Resident Evil HD remasters having now been released, a Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster on the way, and with it looking like Resident Evil 2 now getting its own remake treatment, just what...

10 years later: GamesBeat’s most memorable games of 2005

6d ago | Opinion piece | Today, the GamesBeat staff turns its attention toward 20 important games of 2005.

Video Game Deals of the Week – 07/22 Update from Amazon and others (US)

12d ago | Article | It seems to be a good deal week for 3DS owners. Super smash Bros is $29.99 on 3DS (25% off) with...

Video Game Weekend Deals – 07/18 Update from Amazon and Others (US)

16d ago | Article | The weekend is here, and it brings some deals with it. The NA PSN is having a Flash sale, for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. (including good deals on Borderlands and Alien:isolation). The humble bundle for...

20 Games to Get You through the Summer Gaming Drought

20d ago | Opinion piece | Just like every year before, the summer game drought is here. Play these recent hits to keep your...

Video Game Deals of the Week – 07/15 Update from Amazon and Others (US)

19d ago | Article | Today, Amazon are unveiling their "Prime Day" event, with claims that this will be a bigger day t...

Should Microsoft Enter The Handheld Gaming Realm In Force With Windows 10?

25d ago | Opinion piece | Will Windows 10 finally be the ultimate entrance into the handheld gaming realm for Microsoft?

Top 5 Games To Play While Travelling

18d ago | Opinion piece | It’s difficult to get your gaming fix if you are away for a long period time. Obviously, there ar...

Satoru Iwata Mattered, and Here’s Why

21d ago | Opinion piece | "Satoru Iwata was an icon in the gaming industry, and he changed it in radical ways. Without him,...

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Video Game Spinoffs - Part 2.

10d ago | Opinion piece | As long as there have been great franchises, th...

Six Fun Videos To Remember Satoru Iwata

21d ago | Opinion piece | Jonathan Trussler of HeyPoorPlayer writes: "We all miss Satoru Iwata, but let's not forget t...

Nintendo's Legacy: The Highs And Lows of the Japanese Video Game Giant

16d ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo is a survivor in the video game console industry for decades and we look back at their b...

Satoru Iwata’s Greatest Games

21d ago | Opinion piece | MyGaming: "Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, recently passed away. He was a visionary, with so much passion for gaming and the Nintendo brand in...

A brief history of crappy Superman games

24d ago | Opinion piece | Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady has said that this will be the team's last pass at the...

Satoru Iwata Kept Nintendo Weird-

19d ago | Opinion piece | Nintendo's late president was instrumental in keeping the company's wonderfully weird spirit...

Thank You, Mr Iwata: Saying Goodbye To An Industry Legend

12d ago | Opinion piece | Endlessbacklog's Williams shares his respects f...

7 Reasons Iwata is unforgettable

19d ago | Article | Henry Gilbert of writes, "There are many reasons that we’ll never forge...

Satoru Iwata, We Understand

19d ago | Opinion piece | N247 author writes: For those who do not know, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata passe...

Five Things I’ve Learned From Video Games

23d ago | Opinion piece | There are many good things you can learn from video games and Kirsten talks about five that...

Obituary: Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, Dies at 55

20d ago | Article | Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo who ove...

Satoru Iwata: Creator of Dreams, Maker of Games

18d ago | Opinion piece | GameCrate: "Iwata set out to create experiences that were inviting and inclusive. He wanted...

Playing Paragon: Being The Better Man

23d ago | Opinion piece | A personal look at always choosing the good path in games with morality systems.

Thank you, Satoru Iwata

21d ago | Article | pay their respects to the late Satoru Iwata and look back on his life and caree...

Is Dragon Quest really unpopular with Western gamers?

30d ago | Article | It's that lovely time again: a new Dragon Quest...
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