Dev of the Day : New World Interactive
  Interview with New World Interactive's Andrew Spearin

Valenka asked Andrew Spearin, Creative Director at New World Interactive, about the conception of Insurgency, the concept of realism, and platforms...

Nintendo DS Articles  

7 All-American Video Game Characters

19d ago - An article that celebrates Independence day by listing 7 All-American video game characters. | GameCube

Zelda Fan Survey 2014 Results: More Older Fans Than Younger, Interesting Fan Favorites

19d ago - Zelda Informer: "I have spent years pondering and talking about what makes the Zelda games tick:... | Nintendo DS

Top Ten Mario Games

19d ago - GT - His platformers are always the best of the best, but which games with his name stand above t... | GameCube

Top 5 gaming worlds

20d ago - From Rapture to Azeroth, videogames have introduced us to some fantastic worlds over the years. C... | Nintendo DS

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 4 – Amid the Ruins (PC) Review

Now - Drew delves into the penultimate episode of Walking Dead Season Two. | Promoted post

Is Nintendo finally on the rebound?

20d ago - Wii U Daily: "We take a look at Iwata's track record as president of Nintendo to determine whethe... | Nintendo DS

Why Nintendo Isn't Dead Yet

20d ago - Awhile back, Nintendo reported their loss of $457 million over their last fiscal year. The Wii U... | Nintendo DS

The Games Of June: Comparing 2010 Through 2014

22d ago - This month brings us some interesting changes, as more ID@Xbox games have rolled out (quietly), t... | Nintendo DS

The Rise and Fall of Crash Bandicoot

23d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Uncharted series and the modern day classic that is The Last of Us, Naughty Dog w... | PS2

Four Video Game Characters that Would Ruin Your Birthday Party

25d ago - Would like to know everyone's opinion about worse characters ? | Nintendo DS

Nintendo’s Future

25d ago - Has Nintendo relied too much on Mario ? What will happen to the Wii U and 3DS over the next few y... | Nintendo DS

10 animals that look like they're Pokémon, but are actually totally real

26d ago - "Here then are ten prime examples of animals that are just as peculiar as anything you'll find in... | Nintendo DS

In Case You Missed It: Contra

26d ago - Contra has been missing in action for quite sometime now, and with the current trend of next gen... | PS2

The PS4′s surprising summer sales weakness

27d ago - The strong early sales performances of PS4 is clearly leading globally at this point but the Wii... | Nintendo DS

How Pokemon X and Y Improved the Franchise

27d ago - With upcoming release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, now is the time to see what innovations h... | Nintendo DS

Top 10 'Pokemon' In-Game Easter Eggs

28d ago - Chris from SuperCheats runs down the best in game easter eggs from the hugely popular Pokemon gam... | GameCube

The Nintendo Dilemma

28d ago - " Nintendo means many things to many people; to some it’s reliable, polished and just down right... | Nintendo DS

Defining Moments-- Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)

28d ago - Continue Play's Peter Yankowski reminisces on learning to drive in video games. | GameCube

Top 10 Comics Inspired by Video Games

29d ago - "Like video games, comics inhabit a bizarre point in the art continuum, relying on multiple facto... | Nintendo DS

10 Awesome Gaming Franchises It Became Cool To Hate

30d ago - The following game franchises are criticized or hated by a certain percent of the gaming populati... | PS2

Cult of Call Of Duty: A Franchise For The Unhinged?

30d ago - Businesses are cropping up left right and centre to push unnecessary twaddle on the millions of... | Nintendo DS

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Games you have to play: Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

30d ago - HITC Tech says: "Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is unquestionably one of my all-time favour... | Nintendo DS

Elf Culture: Virtual Races of Elfkind

31d ago - Elves: they are one of the most popular and celebrated fictional races in realms of fantasy. Bea... | PS2

Top 5 Twisted Fairy Tale Games

31d ago - Lisa heads down the rabbit hole to check out some of the weirdest fairy tale games ever made. | Nintendo DS

The Impact The Internet Had Upon British Game Stores

32d ago - CGUK: 'Until the birth of the internet traditional brick and mortar games stores reigned supreme... | GameCube

How to get your DS and Wii back online, and the people who made it possible

33d ago - Polygon: "Fans of Nintendo Wii and DS games may still have a haven for their online favorites." | Nintendo DS
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