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Nihilumbra by BeautiFun Games – Nintendo Switch Review

I remember way back on the Xbox 360 a little game called Limbo. Limbo was a depressing game that left me not wanting to ever pick it up again. I can say the opposite about Nihilumbra. Its a game that offers hope and presents a character to care about. In Nihilumbra you play as Born, a creature/thing born of the Void. The Void is trying to destroy you and the world around you. As you play this game you really become attached to this little character and care about his plight.

You have 5 locations, Icy mountains, a forest, a desert, a volcano, and lastly a city. Each level gives you a power or as the game called them “colors”. There is a unique color for each level, Blue for the lcy mountains, green for the forest, brown for the desert, red for the volcano, and yellow for the city. Each of these plays a pivotal role in how you proceed through each level. The blue color makes your surroundings icy and slippery. The green color makes surfaces bouncy, the brown color makes a surface sticky, the red color sets things on fire, and the yellow color conducts electricity. The gameplay is exciting and gives the game really good replay value.

I really enjoyed the music and the voice acting. The narrator was really cool and it was cool how he constantly slandered me, making each triumph that much better. The music was really outstanding, giving each level life. It blended well with each level.

Nihilumbra is an incredible game, being that its a port to the switch, its runs incredibly well. I encountered no glitches, no frame rate issues, and more importantly the game never froze. If you haven’t play Nihilumbra, its must play. Its a worthy addition to any Switch owner’s library. I can certainly see myself playing long after the review is done and dusted.

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