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Nier Review | Hard Reset

1174d ago - Nier has a ton of brilliant ideas. In a few places, and always without warning, the game shift pe... | Xbox 360

A Look Back - Nier Review (PS3/360)

1228d ago - Nier is one of those games thrown in the sales bin during the first year or even its first few mo... | Xbox 360

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DaleAlStick: Nier Review. Don't let your eyes deceive you.

1555d ago - Nier,a game published by Square Enix back in April 2010. Nier is a very underrated game, bashed... | Xbox 360

Nier Is Dull As Dishwater

1559d ago - Tired Gamer writes: "Even if the creative approach to shifting perspectives wasn't subject to a c... | Xbox 360

Game Podunk Review - Nier: A Play on Words... Swords, Magic and More....

1760d ago - Game Podunker TylerXDurden writes, "The graphics in Nier are bad. It's that simple. The environme... | Xbox 360
20° Nier Review

1852d ago - From Nier is both a gem and a turd, and those who feel the nagging urge to try... | Xbox 360

PS3node: Nier Review

1869d ago - This is Nier. It is ugly, bland, uninviting and far from tight and controlled. But, if you give i... | PS3

Nier Review (DualShockers)

1895d ago - DualShockers writes, "One of the high points of the game – it’s story. It revolves around Nier an... | Xbox 360

InsightBits: Nier Review

1904d ago - InsightBits writes, "Nier is a hard game to characterize. On the surface it may look like a simpl... | Xbox 360

XboxLiveAddicts Review: Nier

1909d ago - Nothing is as it seems... Square Enix’s Nier is a Japanese action role-playing game which foll... | Xbox 360

OXCGN’s Nier Review: Taste like ‘piss on a campfire’?

1913d ago - OXCGN: "It’s not a fully immersive role-playing game, nor is it a stylised action romp. Ni... | Xbox 360

AusGamers: Nier Review

1915d ago - AusGamers: NIER is a remarkable, divisive game. Striking and provocative, it manages to put a... | Xbox 360

WDT: Nier Review

1917d ago - David Breach from writes "Square Enix. They have brought us wonders such as Final Fa... | Xbox 360

Square-Go: Nier Review

1918d ago - Square-Go writes: "You can never be sure exactly what you are in for with a Square Enix game. The... | Xbox 360

SFX-360: Nier Review

1918d ago - SFX-360 writes: "First off I want to say, stop with the damned fishing! Before I go any further... | Xbox 360

Console Monster: Nier Review

1919d ago - Console Monster writes: "There’s been a recent rush of RPGs on the console scene over the last co... | Xbox 360

Gameplay Monthly: NIER Review

1920d ago - Gameplay Monthly: Nier is an ugly game. Absolutely hideous. The protagonist is one of the most ga... | Xbox 360

SideQuesting Review: NIER (PS3, Xbox 360)

1920d ago - - Glaring imperfections aside, NIER can be a lot of fun. The combat, the story,... | Xbox 360

SideQuesting Review: NIER - The World of Recycled Vessel (DLC)

1920d ago - SideQuesting - The latest DLC for SquareEnix's NIER provides a sub-mediocre experience, albeit a... | Xbox 360

RPGamer: Nier Review

1921d ago - RPGamer writes: "This is a game that I simply could not put down, and in fact actively put off be... | Xbox 360

Splatoon (Wii U) Review

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Review - Nier (Terminal Gamer)

1921d ago - Terminal Gamer's Louis Edwards reviews Nier: "Square Enix has been known for years as a publis... | Xbox 360

Daily Joypad: NIER Review

1922d ago - The game follows the story of titular character, Nier, in his quest to overcome the deadly Shades... | Xbox 360

Gaming Age: Nier Review

1922d ago - Gaming Age writes: "Nier may have, like its protagonist, a rough life of solitude and constant st... | Xbox 360

Classic Game Room: Nier Video Review

1922d ago - "Classic Game Room HD reviews NIER for Xbox 360, also for Playstation 3 PS3. This RPG adventure g... | Xbox 360

El33tonline Review: Nier

1923d ago - El33tonline writes: "It must be every parent’s worst nightmare. Your young child is very ill a... | PS3
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