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NHL 2k10 Previews  

UGO: NHL 2K10 Hands-on Preview

2336d ago - UGO writes: "NHL sim game. Some arcade-y features. Keep: - The mini rink mode. A s... | 1, 2, 3

Kotaku: NHL 2K10 Preview: Zamboni Smackdown

2341d ago - Kotaku writes: "One of my worst nightmares – next to the one about a high school reunion – i... | 1,2

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IGN: NHL 2K10 Multiplayer Hands-On

2342d ago - Sports games have always been a bit behind the curve when it comes to multiplayer gameplay. Only... | 1,2

Game Vortex: NHL 2K10 Preview - 2K Sports Gives NHL an Overhaul

2344d ago - Game Vortex writes: "We were recently able to sit down with team members over at 2K Sports a... | 1,2,3,9

GameFreaks 365: NHL 2K10 Preview

2350d ago - Game Freaks 365 writes: "Coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii on September 15, 2009... | 1,2,3

SFX-360: NHL 2K10 Review

2363d ago - SFX-360 writes: "September 15th is almost here and the battle for hockey supremacy is about... | 2

1UP: NHL 2K10 Wii Preview

2366d ago - 1UP writes: "Hockey fans don't have a lot of options on Nintendo Wii; 2K Sports is still the... | 3

IGN: NHL 2K10 Wii Hands-on

2369d ago - IGN writes: "I'm also surprised at how effective the game's slapshot mechanic is. With Wii M... | 3

NextGen Player Preview: NHL 2K10

2369d ago - "Nintendo of Canada and 2K Sports invited me to check out a Canadian-exclusive preview event... | 1,2,3,4

GamesRadar: NHL 2K10 Preview

2370d ago - GamesRadar writes: "Normally, here would be where we'd explain in low, despondent tones that... | 1,2,3

1UP: NHL 2K10 Preview

2373d ago - 1UP writes: "With the advent of online play in franchise mode, social media integration, and... | 1,2

IGN: NHL 2K10 Hands-on

2373d ago - IGN writes: "NHL 2K10 feels as tight and well-rounded as any game in the series. I feel like... | 1,2

IGN: NHL 2K10 First Look

2425d ago - This week the folks at 2K had a few journalists out to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for an in-dept... | 1,2,3,9
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NHL 2k10

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