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Bioware’s New Game: Mass Effect Prequel?

5d ago - Are you a fan of Bioware? Do you like the Mass Effect universe? Then you might like to know there... | PC

Amazon plans New York showcase - time for the Amazon console?

19d ago - MCV writes: An event later this week could well be the launch platform for Amazon’s long-rumoured... | Next-Gen

Final Fantasy XV Rumored To Be The Most Expensive Square Enix Game

23d ago - An unofficial Final Fantasy XV twitter source posted a tweet that the game is expected to be the... | PS4

Possible Halo 5 Release Window Leaked

32d ago - There has been a lot of speculation about the next installment of Halo. Could a retailer's listin... | Xbox One

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Reported Amazon game controller appears in pictures

36d ago - Amazon is probably making a game console, and today we've got a better idea of what that console'... | Industry

RUMOR: Yu Suzuki May Consider Crowdfunding for Shenmue 3

45d ago - If there is one game Sega fans have been harping for over the years, it’s a new entry in the open... | Next-Gen

Rumor: Specs For Nintendo’s Next-Gen Systems Surface

88d ago - GaminRealm: "Rumors of Nintendo working on their next-gen system have recently surfaced, and alon... | Wii U

Rumor: Xbox One Turtle Beach Possible Release Date.

91d ago - Turtle Beach has yet to announce an official release date for their new Nex-Gen Xbox One headsets... | Xbox One

Rumor: Nintendo has Begun Development on a Next-Generation Machine

94d ago - It “SEEMS” like Nintendo has already started working on some form of next-generation machine. | Next-Gen

Rumor: Information On Next Gen Pokemon Games, Dubbed "Pokemon Plus" & "Pokemon Minus"

103d ago - A source that Dual Pixels has released rumors/leaks from in the past, Geno, has claimed to have r... | Next-Gen

Has gamestop leaked Sleeping Dogs 2?

155d ago - A user on reddit has posted a picture of what appears to be a leaflet that he got from gamestop,... | PS4

Adewale May Be A Main Protagonist In Future Assassin’s Creed Games

159d ago - The director of narrative design at Ubisoft Quebec gave me more than I bargained for during our e... | Industry

Rumor: AMD’s Mantle API is a direct copy of Xbox One’s low level API

205d ago - AMD recently announced their new Mantle API. This API has been said to give AMD a significant adv... | PC

Assassin’s creed liberation may be on PS3 or PS4

221d ago - Rumor say since many day that the PSVita Assassin’s Creed Liberation maybe released in HD Version... | Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox-Nokia N Gage resurrection?

225d ago - A Microsoft buys Nokia for $7.2billion could this signal the resurrection of hand-held hybrid, th... | Mobile

Sony Reaches Programming Deal With Viacom for Online Pay-TV Service

247d ago - Sony Corp. has reached a preliminary agreement with Viacom Inc. to carry the media company's cab... | PS3

FIFA 14 - Chilean Primera Licensed?

256d ago - Earlier in the year, Daniel Gonzalez, director of marketing and PR for EA Latin America, suggeste... | Xbox 360

FIFA 14 - Categoría Primera A Licensed?

256d ago - According to Columbian Newspaper El Tiempo, the Columbian Primera will feature in FIFA 14. Yes... | PC

Why next-gen consoles won't run games at 4K

278d ago - Just because some say they can, doesn't mean they should. Based on the latest graphics hardware n... | PS4

Demon's Souls 2 on the horizon?

287d ago - Demon's Souls the Sony owned Ip that was an unexpected hit, may have a successor on the horizon. | PS4

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Xbox One: Uncut & indexed games not playable in Germany

310d ago - Apparently uncut games and indexed games are not playable on Xbox One in Germany. That's because... | Xbox One

Amazon ad proof that Microsoft is paying publishers to advertise games as Xbox One titles?

313d ago - An unsubstantiated rumor by a trusted member of the NeoGAF gaming community mentioned Microsoft w... | PS4

Don’t Freak Out, But Kingdom Hearts 3 Might — MIGHT — Be On Its Way

323d ago - Playjunkee: It’s been eight years since gamers had their last fix of Sora, Donald and Goofy, but... | PS4

Rumor: Far Cry 4 Coming Q1 2014

324d ago - The Neogaf user who leaked the news about a few upcoming Ubisoft titles such as Assassin’s Creed... | Next-Gen

‘Dragon Age 3: Inquisition’ News: Oculus Rift Support Planned For BioWare's Next-Gen Sequel

332d ago - The sequel to 'Dragon Age: Origins' could be getting hardware support for the virtual reality hea... | PC
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