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Pachter Discusses What Happens IF NX Bombs, Chances Of Success

2d ago - On episode 4 of his show Pachter Factor, video game and electronics research analyst with Wedbush... | Wii U

Rachael Messer Voice Actress - Gamingwithdad

6d ago - Rachael Messer is a voice actress that has done over 20 video games, which includes Comba from Wa... | PS4

The Five Must-Play Exclusives for Xbox One in 2016

Now - With the holidays quickly wrapping up in 2015, it is time to look to the future. 2016 is already shaping up to be massive for games, and both Sony... | Promoted post

Final Fantasy XV devs reveal more combat details

6d ago - The Final Fantasy XV development team have replied to questions on the fan forums, revealing more... | PS4

Nintendo NX “doomed before it launches” without key third-party support

7d ago - Games industry analyst Michael Pachter has said that third-party support is vital to the success... | Industry

Michael Pachter Predicts The Nintendo NX's Price

9d ago - On episode 3 of his new show Pachter Factor, which is viewable on, video game and elect... | Next-Gen

PlayStation VR Tennis Racket Controller

10d ago - New Tennis racket developed by Sony uses, 5 sensors, pressure, motion, biometric, kinetic and cli... | PS4

Dexmo developing miniture glove robotic touch gloves

11d ago - There is one particular product which has been kept hidden from the media for awhile and it's sti... | Tech

Robin Atkin Downes Playing the Main Protagonist in Edge of Nowhere

12d ago - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain voice actor Robin Atkin Downes confirmed on Twitter that he... | Next-Gen

Sony Asia release exhibition layout at the annual G-Star Korea Exhibtion

13d ago - Sony has just revealed its CGI exhibition layout at the G-star annual Korean exhibition which it... | Tech

American survey revealed consumer expectations on virtual reality

14d ago - A survey done last month in America has revealed startling results. The survey predicted that the... | Tech

Nintendo Focused On Young Talented People Being More Active in Company

18d ago - Splatoon was done by a young team at Nintendo, and it seems this may continue to be a trend for t... | Wii U

Killing Floor 2 To Get PS4 Release Date At PSX 2015

20d ago - Tripwire Interactive when questioned about a PS4 release date for the co-op zed shooter Killing F... | PS4

Kimishima Promises “Totally New Gaming Experience” With Nintendo NX

24d ago - What sort of experience will the NX provide? Evidently, a "new" one. | Wii U

EA To "Evaluate Any And All Opportunities" For Nintendo NX

25d ago - According EA's CEO Andrew Wilson, EA will evaluate "any and all opportunities" with Nintendo, reg... | Industry

Nintendo’s investor meeting reveals more than just games

26d ago - "In Tokyo, Japan at 10:00 A.M. the Wall Street Journal reported in a Nintendo strategy meeting fo... | Wii U

Miyamoto Promises More Aggressive Use of IP with the NX

26d ago - While Nintendo was focused on their mobile platform during their meeting tonight, Mr. Miyamoto di... | Wii U

Is Tekken 7 coming to the Nintendo NX?

27d ago - Bandai Namco have officially announced that Tekken 7 will be coming to 'home systems'. Not the Pl... | PC

Phil Spencer "Fully Expects" Another Generation for Xbox; Talks About New Xbox One Experience & More

31d ago - Microsoft’s Xbox team head honcho Phil Spencer often interacts with the fans, often providing int... | Xbox One

Media Create sales (10/12 – 10/18)

34d ago - Media Create has published the latest Japanese hardware and software sales. | Xbox 360

Nintendo NX Tech Demo Can Only Run On PC's With "Cutting Edge Chips"

37d ago - The Wall Street Journal, which recently reported that software development kits have already begu... | Wii U

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

TGS Attending VRTGO – VR Conference & Expo

45d ago - So, what is VRTGO? – An annual Conference & Expo that explores the future of VR for both enterta... | Tech

Will 'Halo 5' be the Master Chief 's biggest battle?

46d ago - The Xbox One’s flagship game faces a remarkably crowded holiday season. The Master Chief has b... | Xbox One

Oculus Rift price point would be 'at least $300'

60d ago - Oculus Rift price point would be 'at least $300' | Tech

Minecraft Coming to Oculus Rift

60d ago - Minecraft Coming to Oculus Rift | Tech

Adventure Puzzler Esper 2 Revealed at Oculus Connect 2

60d ago - In Esper 2, join the ranks and travel the world in a first-person puzzle adventure designed espec... | Next-Gen
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