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Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Unity was 'impossible' on Last-Gen Consoles

2h ago | News | During an interview with Examiner (via GamePur), Alex Amancio, the creative director, stated that...

10 Must Haves for Nintendo’s Next Home Console

5h ago | Opinion piece | Zelda Informer: "When someone says must have it is a fairly bold statement, but when I was decidi...

Nintendo Looking For Lead Graphic Architect For Next Gen Consoles; “SoC” Experience Required

1d 2h ago | News | It is widely known that console manufacturers resumes research and development for their next generation console as soon as their latest product hits the market. It is safe to assume that Nintendo,...

GTA 5 – New DLC Before Next Gen Release?

2d ago | Opinion piece | Though it is still not completely clear whether the DLC will be launched ahead of the Next Gen launch of the game, DomisLive, a tipster from YouTube has decided to spill some beans about the possib...

Cut content and season passes – is this our Destiny?

4d ago | Opinion piece | Last generation saw some really discouraging trends creeping into video gaming. Whether it was st...

Introducing The Game Nanos

4d ago | News | Under the flag of Excamedia we are bringing back the old wall and bounce games but with a strong kick! For one up to 4 player madness. Storymode an...

The Evil Within Tips and Tricks

1d 11h ago | Article | A few handy hints that will help you stay alive in The Evil Within.

505 Games Showcase: How to Survive’s Storm Warning Edition

2d ago | Article | 505 Games has introduced a noteworthy line-up of interesting games for both gaming consoles and m...

The Crew Developer Interview – EB EXPO 2014

3d ago | Video | Console Domination writes: The LLAMABULL Show is back again with another great developer intervie...

Assassin's Creed Unity and the Death of 30 FPS

4d ago | Opinion piece | "I suppose now is as good a time as any to talk about this. Not too long ago, Ubisoft managed to...
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