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NYVGCC: Battleborn Interview from Gearbox and 2K

1h ago | Interview | John Azzilonna: We had a great opportunity to meet up with some of the key talent behind Gea...

Top 5 reveals from the 2014 Tokyo Game Show

1d 5h ago | Opinion piece | Tokyo Game Show kicked off earlier this week holding up it's revolutionary name with releases and...

Fantastic Neighborhood 102 – High Fantasty Garbage

1d ago | Podcast | On this episode of Fantastic Neighborhood, Jon...

Battlefield 4 “Fall Patch” Coming Soon

20h ago | News | Tweaks and fixes incoming! We are happy to inform you that the anticipated Fall Patch for Battlefield 4 is right around the corner. The certification has started on several platforms and the Fall P...

Final Fantasy XV’s Battle System Will Be Great and Here’s Why

22h ago | Opinion piece | There have been fears lately in regards as to whether Final Fantasy XV has distanced itself from its RPG roots. But there's some little details that might mean that this is not the case.

Market Hype and Why it Sucks

20h ago | Opinion piece | The Brilliantly Epic team gathers to discuss this years pressing problem concerning market hype, and the games that inevitably failed against our b...

Any ideas for The Last of Us 2? (I'm talking to you Naughty Dog)

18h ago | Opinion piece | If There is a Sequel to "The Last of Us," What are some ideas for the sequel? and does Naughty Do...

Tokyo Game Show 2014 in Photos - Part 1

2d ago | Image | Michael DiMauro of says, "This is part one of our travels through the show floor at...

Ubisoft Explains Why There Will Be No French in Assassin's Creed Unity

3d ago | News | Ubisoft Creative Director explains why no French will be present in 18th century Paris for Assass...

New Pre-TGS Trailer for The Evil Within

3d ago | Trailer | Shinji Mikami's return to survival-horror, The Evil Within, gets a new TGS trailer ahead of its O...

Why the Alien's killer instinct ruins the scares in Isolation

3d ago | Opinion piece | Horror comes in all shapes and sizes and often what scares some of us will make others laugh. One...

Early Hack-Cess: Is Steam Early Access Actually a Good thing?

3d ago | Opinion piece | Joshua Caleb of Gaming Rebellion writes: "It is a strange time for gaming, there have been many s...

NewsCube: The Smashing Podcast

2d ago | Podcast | This week's NewsCube (recorded together for once) tackles the Smash Bros 3DS release, the us...

Guardian Journals: 'Destiny' Week 1

3d ago | Article | On Tuesday, Bungie and Activision finally released Destiny, a shared world, mythic sci-fi sh...

It's not that Destiny is bad, it's that it's episodic

3d ago | Opinion piece | Reviews are coming out. Players are now being open about their experience and you begin to see wh...

Turn your PS4 or Xbox One into a robot

6d ago | News | If you were able to turn your favorite next gen gaming console into a robot, would you do it? Wel...
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