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Xbox is following Nintendo, not PlayStation, into the future

10h ago | Opinion piece | "Why would Xbox want to follow Nintendo and its struggling Wii U? Shouldn't Microsoft be chasing Sony's PlayStation 4?" If you've been following Xbox since it was taken over by Phil Spencer back...

Anime That Would Make for a Good Video Game

2d ago | Opinion piece | An article exploring various anime that would make for good games.

PlayStation 5 will let developers build 'far more dynamic, interactive worlds'

5d ago | News | The next generation of consoles will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and "believable" worlds than the PS4 and Xbox One currently allow for, according to Criterion's former te...

Nintendo: Can The NX Save The Company?

4d ago | Opinion piece | The Wii U has been a disaster for Nintendo. What does the NX have to do to keep Nintendo in the h...

Is Kick Starter good for the gaming industry?

1d 21h ago | Podcast | In this Episode of The Analog Circle Podcast we will be discussing the latest gaming topics,relea...

Nintendo: The Surprises Will Remain Spoiled

3d ago | Opinion piece | If you want to wait for Nintendo to speak, that's fine. But it'd make for a really boring website.

Sci-fi adventure Project Elea could come to Nintendo NX

3d ago | News | Bulgarian studio Kyodai has announced Project Elea, an "interactive storytelling adventure" curre...

A Nintendo Fan's Hopes and Dreams for the NX

3d ago | Opinion piece | NL: Nintendo has given away its online functionality for a long time. Too long, in fact, and it'...

Nintencast Episode #003 - What is Nintendo's NX Lineup?

6d ago | Podcast | Michael and Jeremy are back with special guest, Jamal Nickens. The three discuss Nintendo’s finan...

Cancellations and Delays The Hedge Trimmers of Gaming

4d ago | Opinion piece | “Game ABC has been cancelled” or “Game XYZ has been delayed”. These are the words that every game...
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