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PAX Aus 2015: Show floor roundup

24d ago - An in-depth round up of the exhibitors from the show floor of PAX Australia with gallery and high... | Xbox

Killing Floor 2 To Get PS4 Release Date At PSX 2015

25d ago - Tripwire Interactive when questioned about a PS4 release date for the co-op zed shooter Killing F... | PS4

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

Now - Check for a complete overview of season premiers this November. | Promoted post

Our Dream Nintendo NX Launch Games

26d ago - What do you hope Nintendo will use to launch its next console? | Next-Gen

Kimishima Promises “Totally New Gaming Experience” With Nintendo NX

29d ago - What sort of experience will the NX provide? Evidently, a "new" one. | Wii U

EA To "Evaluate Any And All Opportunities" For Nintendo NX

30d ago - According EA's CEO Andrew Wilson, EA will evaluate "any and all opportunities" with Nintendo, reg... | Industry

Nintendo’s investor meeting reveals more than just games

31d ago - "In Tokyo, Japan at 10:00 A.M. the Wall Street Journal reported in a Nintendo strategy meeting fo... | Wii U

Miyamoto Promises More Aggressive Use of IP with the NX

31d ago - While Nintendo was focused on their mobile platform during their meeting tonight, Mr. Miyamoto di... | Wii U

Is Tekken 7 coming to the Nintendo NX?

32d ago - Bandai Namco have officially announced that Tekken 7 will be coming to 'home systems'. Not the Pl... | PC

Why ‘Uncharted 3’ Is My Favourite ‘Uncharted’ Game

32d ago - Having never experienced these games before, I knew I was in for an incredible ride with my purch... | PS4

In Between PC Review: A Happy Ending For A Dying Man - Leviathyn

32d ago - In Between takes the concept of death and turns it into a thought-provoking and enjoyable game. H... | PC

Five Key Challenges Nintendo Faces with the NX

34d ago - NL: After whispers throughout the Summer, we've had NX on the mind since we had the firmest indi... | Wii U

What The Next 2D/3D Mario Game Needs

35d ago - The Mario series is far from dead, so what needs to be done in order to keep things fresh? | Wii U

Phil Spencer "Fully Expects" Another Generation for Xbox; Talks About New Xbox One Experience & More

36d ago - Microsoft’s Xbox team head honcho Phil Spencer often interacts with the fans, often providing int... | Xbox One

VGS - The Division Preview: Ugly, Messy and Fun

37d ago - I was among one of three teams of three players as I was filled into a private, boarded off room... | PC

Predicting the NX Launch Title Line Up

38d ago - Sure, it's too early to tell anything about the console, but that's what makes speculation fun! | Next-Gen

Media Create sales (10/12 – 10/18)

39d ago - Media Create has published the latest Japanese hardware and software sales. | Xbox 360

N4G Radio 10/19/2015

41d ago - His cosmos is expanding. Right in the thick of it and the boys can’t stop making juvenile refere... | Xbox 360

5 Things To Expect From Nintendo NX

41d ago - MVGN writes "It has been a very interesting week in regards to gaming. We are heading to the Holi... | Next-Gen

Nintendo NX Tech Demo Can Only Run On PC's With "Cutting Edge Chips"

42d ago - The Wall Street Journal, which recently reported that software development kits have already begu... | Wii U

Top 10 Rock Band 4 DLC Songs

42d ago - If you are having people over to play Rock Band 4, you need to have some songs they want to play.... | PS4

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post

Nintendo NX Doesn't Need to be as Powerful as PlayStation 4

42d ago - Gamnesia writes: Sony and Microsoft have been in the business of marketing powerful, expensive co... | PS4

The Major Risks Of A Nintendo Hybrid Console

43d ago - NE takes a look at the many risks facing Nintendo if they attempt to create a hybrid console. | Wii U

Nintendo NX Wishlist: 8 Things We Want

44d ago - The Nintendo NX is likely coming in 2016, and although there aren't many details known just yet,... | Next-Gen

Good Game ANZ - Sydney EB Expo 2015

45d ago - Once again Good Game ANZ has been lucky enough to attend the EB Expo for a 3rd year running. spec... | PC

TGS Attending VRTGO – VR Conference & Expo

50d ago - So, what is VRTGO? – An annual Conference & Expo that explores the future of VR for both enterta... | Tech