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Playstation VR Gets Head start in Cost & PS5 4K

11h ago - Many of us are looking forward to showing virtual reality (VR) to our friends and family for the... | PS4

9 Crippling Issues That Sony Must Fix In 2016

2d ago - - Scott Tailford: Microsoft have already won next year if these aren’t sorted... | PS4

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

How can Fallout 4 prove that player choice takes the back seat in today's AAA RPG titles.

4d ago - "Because most RPGs, however grand, however sweeping, however beautifully constructed their worlds... | PC

R.I.P. Wii U

5d ago - While Nintendo hasn’t come out and admitted that it has given up on the Wii U, it’s actions this... | Wii U

Unprecedented Social Problems We Expect on PSVR

6d ago - We have described and compiled a short list of Anti-Social "problems" that maybe associated with... | PS4

Virtual Reality – Maturity Beyond Games - Brainwashed Politics

6d ago - Can VR brainwash us? Can it influence politics and make us change the way we think? Can VR be use... | Tech

Xbox and PlayStation: virtual war reality

14d ago - Do you think that when the VR console comes out, the Xbox will die out? What if everyone goes cra... | PS4

PlaystationVR Weight Ergonomics

18d ago - The PlayStation VR is set to be released next year in 2016. The first thing that consumers will t... | PS4

The future of wearables in VR

20d ago - Wearable Technology is increasing rapidly with the introduction of Samsung Watches, the Apple Wat... | Tech

Gamer Habits….. Excuses Excuses

22d ago - There is something else that goes hand in hand with gamer rage and that is excuses. We all use th... | GameCube

Is Nintendo Gearing Up to Dominate 2016?

24d ago - Nintendo has a perfect storm brewing that could spell dominance in all facets of gaming in 2016.... | Wii U

PAX Aus 2015: Show floor roundup

25d ago - An in-depth round up of the exhibitors from the show floor of PAX Australia with gallery and high... | Xbox

Why ‘Uncharted 3’ Is My Favourite ‘Uncharted’ Game

33d ago - Having never experienced these games before, I knew I was in for an incredible ride with my purch... | PS4

Five Key Challenges Nintendo Faces with the NX

36d ago - NL: After whispers throughout the Summer, we've had NX on the mind since we had the firmest indi... | Wii U

What The Next 2D/3D Mario Game Needs

37d ago - The Mario series is far from dead, so what needs to be done in order to keep things fresh? | Wii U

Predicting the NX Launch Title Line Up

39d ago - Sure, it's too early to tell anything about the console, but that's what makes speculation fun! | Next-Gen

5 Things To Expect From Nintendo NX

43d ago - MVGN writes "It has been a very interesting week in regards to gaming. We are heading to the Holi... | Next-Gen

Top 10 Rock Band 4 DLC Songs

44d ago - If you are having people over to play Rock Band 4, you need to have some songs they want to play.... | PS4

Nintendo NX Doesn't Need to be as Powerful as PlayStation 4

44d ago - Gamnesia writes: Sony and Microsoft have been in the business of marketing powerful, expensive co... | PS4

The Major Risks Of A Nintendo Hybrid Console

44d ago - NE takes a look at the many risks facing Nintendo if they attempt to create a hybrid console. | Wii U

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

Nintendo NX Wishlist: 8 Things We Want

46d ago - The Nintendo NX is likely coming in 2016, and although there aren't many details known just yet,... | Next-Gen

Good Game ANZ - Sydney EB Expo 2015

47d ago - Once again Good Game ANZ has been lucky enough to attend the EB Expo for a 3rd year running. spec... | PC

Avoid 4K if you love your console games

53d ago - Gaming Trend editor Sean Lama discusses the merits of avoiding the 4K hype train when it comes to... | PS4

Follow your heart, not a review score

60d ago - Gaming Trend editor Sean Lama discusses the virtues of choosing a game that speaks to you on a pe... | Nintendo DS

Kara May Come To PS4 with PlayStation VR & Why It Should

65d ago - In the time span of only 7 minutes, the people over at Quantic Dreams created an emotional bond b... | PS4
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