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Theory Craft: Souls Games Share a Direct Timeline

47d ago - Souls games – Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls specifically – are all spiritual successors of one ano... | PC

Fear and Loving the Oculus Rift: VR and the future of gaming on Xbox One and PS4

48d ago - Thomas Dennis of the Express writes "I was somewhere around Oxford Street, on the edge of Covent... | Next-Gen

Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

Why The Red Ash Kickstarter is Completely Absurd

48d ago - The Red Ash Kickstarter is going relatively slowly, as it kind of deserves to. It doesn’t take a... | PC

5 Reasons to get excited for Mad Max: Savage Road

49d ago - With the game less than 2 months away, here's 5 features to get you geared up and firing on all c... | PS4

[Update] The Definitive (But Evolving) List Of New-Gen Remasters

49d ago - The PS4 and Xbox One are capable of delivering new and surprising experiences, but some of the be... | PC

Frame Rate verses Screen Resolution

49d ago - Definition – What does Frames Per Second (FPS) mean? Frames per second (FPS) is a unit that meas... | Xbox 360

Digital v Physical

51d ago - Xbox Players take on the age old view of digital v Physical, Over the last 5 years the games indu... | PC

Resident Evil Zeros Evolution From N64 To HD Remaster

53d ago - Did you know Resident Evil Zero was originally supposed to be a Nintendo 64 game? Halfway through... | GameCube

Playing Paragon: Being The Better Man

53d ago - A personal look at always choosing the good path in games with morality systems. | GameCube

Five Things I’ve Learned From Video Games

53d ago - There are many good things you can learn from video games and Kirsten talks about five that she h... | GameCube

A brief history of crappy Superman games

54d ago - Batman: Arkham Knight developer Rocksteady has said that this will be the team's last pass at the... | Nintendo DS

Should Microsoft Enter The Handheld Gaming Realm In Force With Windows 10?

55d ago - Will Windows 10 finally be the ultimate entrance into the handheld gaming realm for Microsoft? | Nintendo DS

Star Wars: Battlefront: A Straight-Up Destiny Clone In The Making?

56d ago - Is Star Wars : Battlefront propelling itself to essentially become a more visually appealing vers... | PS4

Video Games are Sports and Here are 5 Reasons Why

56d ago - Here are GamersFTW's 5 reasons why video games are modern sports for the modern age. | Next-Gen

Nintendo NX: A Handheld Console?

56d ago - Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "Given that every single prediction we made for the yea... | Next-Gen

Why is the Last Generation Already Being Left Behind?

57d ago - With the Bioware announcement that new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC won't be available for PS3 or... | Xbox 360

Will Virtual Reality Games be Banned?

57d ago - Grab It argues that many virtual reality games will be banned because the experience is so much m... | PC

Should MAG 2 Be Developed For The PS4?

59d ago - Should MAG 2 be developed for the PS4 after all its servers were uncermoniously shut down last year? | PS4

Gamescom & Reappearances

60d ago - Gamescom tends to be almost as attractive a stage for new game announcements as E3, but for obvio... | PC

Miyamoto Stepping Down From Hardware Development is Good News for Nintendo

60d ago - Gamnesia writes: In a recent interview, Nintendo EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto revealed th... | Wii U

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

The Journey and Future of Kingdom Hearts 3

60d ago - Yahraqad says "Then it ultimately ends with him escaping the treacherous clutches of a swarm of H... | PS4

After The Success of Batman, What Should Rocksteady Do Next?

60d ago - The release of Batman: Arkham Knight has completed Rocksteady’s epic trilogy of the world’s great... | PS4

Game Digital: is it game over all again?

61d ago - Interest article on why Game Digital's future looks bleak and could be heading for administration... | Wii

Most Anticipated Characters For Street Fighter V

61d ago - Street Fighter V has shown a lot of interesting mechanics and things of that nature, but what abo... | GameCube

Lets Get Physical : The Case For Physical Discs In A Digital World

62d ago - With The Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Featuring Extensive Support For Digital Content Delivery, Are... | PS4