Dev of the Day : Tom Francis
  At a Glance: Tom Francis & Heat Signature

Tom Francis designed Gunpoint, a game about reiring things and punching people, and another called Floating point about swinging around on a rope (...

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Are Silent Protagonists Good Characters?

12d ago - We've all seen or at least heard of the silent protagonist trope in gaming. However does it actu... | Industry

What is the best console generation to date and why?

12d ago - Middle of Nowhere Gaming does a "Question of the Week" each week where each editor answers their... | GameCube

Early Access Belongs on PC, Not Consoles

12d ago - "Early Access" has become a buzz phrase this week in gaming. Steam already offers this program, a... | PC

Remastered: The games in need of a next-gen remix

13d ago - Meet the games that need a next-gen makeover, from Skyrim to Fallout 3 and more. | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Reports of Japanese gaming markets decline are exaggerated

14d ago - Destructoid's Brittany Vincent; " A popular rumor in gaming nowadays is the decline of the Japane... | GameCube

Why No Man’s Sky is the First ‘Real’ Next-Gen Game

15d ago - ‘Next-gen’ should be about more than just graphics, and No Man’s Sky appears to be the first game... | PS4

Assassin's Creed Unity Drops A 'Revolutionary' Trailer

15d ago - Unity promises to be the Assassins Creed game we’ve been waiting for. With changes over the board... | PC

Dear Nintendo: Here’s How You Do a Unified Platform

15d ago - Gamnesia writes: So what exactly does a 'unified platform' for Nintendo mean, and how will it ben... | Wii U

Video games and pricing

16d ago - While price elasticity is prevalent with many smaller independently developed and published video... | Wii

A Comprehensive Overview of Alien: Isolation's DLC

16d ago - What started out as just an announcement news story turned into a full analysis of the Pros and C... | PC

Why You Should Rethink Buying a Season Pass

18d ago - Matt Trovalli of Gamers Heroes writes: The trend of Season Passes in the world of gaming is on... | Xbox 360

At A Glance- Batman: Arkham Knight

19d ago - Wastelander75 goes into detail on his thoughts toward the upcoming finale to the Arkham franchise. | PS4

3 GEM: Why Tournaments Only On The Xbox One Is A Bad Choice

20d ago - Alex Cote:The Major League of Gaming announced that all online 2K and 5K Call of Duty: Ghosts tou... | Xbox One

The Next-Gen Slump and AAA Titles

20d ago - The PS4 and the Xbox One were released last year in November with the Wii U coming out in the U.S... | PS4

The Ever Increasing Interactivity Between Video Games and Reality

21d ago - Oculus and Sony are developing new Virtual Reality projects that stand to bring a new level of im... | Tech

The Future of game Graphics on the Next Generation Consoles

21d ago - "Everybody is interested in what the new consoles are exactly capable of, even game developers th... | PS4

NBC Sports Calls Out NFL Madden, Says Franchise “Sucks” and Pines for the Return of 2K Series

22d ago - NBC Sports Calls Out NFL Madden, Says Franchise “Sucks” and Pines for the Return of 2K Series... | Xbox 360

Videogames: Time to Tackle the Taboo

23d ago - As video games become a more intrinsic part of our culture, Kirk McKeand hopes that the industry... | PC

How Sony's Playstation Now Could Change the Face of Rental Gaming

23d ago - Sony's new streaming game rental service will be going up against current, better established ren... | PS3

Are AAA Titles Killing The Gaming Industry?

23d ago - Now this isn’t an article about big titles killing Indie titles because there are plenty of those... | Arcade

Contests For N4G Members

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Five Last Generation Games to Play Before You Go Next Gen

24d ago - As the Xbox One prepares itself for a big coming year this article takes a look back at five of t... | Xbox One

When a game is about more than just pure entertainment, how should it be judged?

26d ago - This editorial at Grab It discusses the review process for games that try to be more than just en... | PC

MK X Fatalities List

27d ago - The complete list of MK X Fatalities so far | Arcade

5 Amazing Minecraft Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

27d ago - There have been hundreds, if not thousands of truly mind-boggling creations put forward by the Mi... | PC

Interview: Assassin's Creed has a new lead developer

27d ago - Since 2007, more than a dozen Ubisoft studios have contributed to the Assassin's Creed franchise,... | PC