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Flash Game of the Week: Tesla War of Currents

362d ago - This week's Flash game zaps you into the boots of Nikola Tesla as you have to take on Edison and... | PC

Flash Game of the Week: Loot Hero

384d ago - This week's flash game of the week is Loot Hero. Loot Hero is the perfect game for those that jus... | PC

VGHS the Flash Video Game! Review: A stroll down nostalgia lane

522d ago - A fun time for those that like VGHS and old school game even if not all game types play well. | PC

Indie of Interest: Night Lights

577d ago - Kaitlyn of Ghost Volta: "Night Lights is an intriguing puzzler from Tommy Creo that uses light an... | PC

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Interview: Tom Brien, Creator Of No Time To Explain - Part Two

704d ago - And we’re back! Hope there’s still a bit more coffee left in your mug from yesterday, Tom and I a... | PC

Interview: Tom Brien, Creator Of No Time To Explain - Part One

704d ago - Super PolyPixel - "I had a chance to Skype with Tom Brien, co-owner of tinyBuildGAMES. Also anima... | PC

NATA 2013 Seeks Crowd Funding To Dazzle This Year

710d ago - "Many of you know that NewGrounds is one of the major Flash portals online. It has been going as... | PC

Indie Intermission - A Belated 'Flash Advent Calender 2012'

766d ago - "I hope everyone had a great Christmas day yesterday and if you are from the UK I hope you are en... | PC

Indie Intermission - 'Sole Gunner' Run N Gun Your Troubles Away

780d ago - "Run N Gun games can be great fun, they do however have to measure up to the many classics of the... | PC

Indie Intermission - 'Shadow Tag' Embodies Everything That Is Creepy About Children

826d ago - "It wouldn’t really be Halloween if I didn’t include at least one game with scary weird possesed... | PC

IGM Arcade - "Sieguis Arena' Hack-And-Slash Your Way To Fame

831d ago - "Siegius Arena is a 2D hack-and-slash title which takes place in ancient Rome. Players take up ar... | PC

Indie Intermission - 'Robotic Arm' A Purely Logical Puzzler

841d ago - Although this game is not quite a surreal as some of them this week, the nature of the game is st... | PC

Indie Intermission Week 6 - Sunday Round Up | The Indie Game Magazine

846d ago - t has been yet another fantastic week for the online indie gaming, having more and more great tit... | PC

Indie Intermission Day 28 - 'Infectonator 2'

851d ago - 'Last week had a somewhat heavy Ludum Dare focus (arguable like most weeks), so this week I will... | PC

Newgrounds Looks To The Community For Support | The Indie Game Magazine

862d ago - Long standing web portal Newgrounds has recently run into trouble as the ad revenue has taken a t... | PC
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