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Whataya Buyin? Special New York Comic Con 2013 Edition

338d ago - Join me as I explain what was worth buying for not only the upcoming releases, but for new items... | PS3

What is next for Troy Baker? Let Him Play Nathan Drake.

342d ago - A video from New York Comic Con that showcased the phenomenal casting and acting of Troy Baker as... | PS3

Zelda's Aonuma discusses the dangers of games that help too much

344d ago - Polygon "Aonuma, the longtime producer of the Legend of Zelda franchise, was the host and star of... | Wii U

New York Comic Con – Day 1 Round Up

345d ago - Saiyan Island breaks down day 1 of Comic Con from the anime games perspective. | Xbox 360

Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

PixlBit's NYCC Wii U Round Up

692d ago - PixlBit | "At New York Comic Con 2012, one of the biggest spectacles on the show floor was the Ni... | Wii U

The Greatest gaming Cosplay from NYCC 2012

704d ago - A look at some of the finest gaming themed cosplayers from New York ComicCon 2012. | Culture

New York Comic Con 2012: Cosplay Part 2

705d ago - Part 2 of Metal Arcade's Comic COn 2012 pics! | Xbox 360

GamesBeat's gallery of New York Comic Con’s often quirky, sometimes beautiful cosplay

705d ago - Do you know the three Cs of comic cons? Comics (obviously), celebrities (buy their expensive auto... | Culture

Pixelitis Picks: Comic book “heroes” that deserve a good game

705d ago - Superheroes in comics have it pretty rough. They deal with exorbitantly high expectations, their... | Culture

New York Comic Con 2012: Cosplay Part 1

706d ago - Part 1 of Metal Arcade's cosplay pics from New York Comic Con 2012. | Xbox 360

Comic-Con 2012 Gallery: New York Edition

706d ago - Maximum PC: Just last month, we put together a gallery of the 20 craziest costumes on display at... | PC

New York Comic Con Day 3 Coverage | Metal Arcade

707d ago - Metal Arcade's coverage of New York Comic Con continues, with lots more pics! | Wii

My Two Cents: DMC:Devil May Cry New York Comic Con 2012 Trailer Impressions

707d ago - AntDaGamer gives his thoughts on the trailer and how fans should feel about DMC after watching it. | Xbox 360

New York Comic Con Day Two Impressions

708d ago - Metal Arcade's coverage of Day 2 of NYCC. | Xbox 360

New York Comic Con Day One Impressions | Metal Arcade

710d ago - Metal Arcade : Today was more of a scouting day at NYCC 2012, mainly spent on the show room fl... | Xbox 360

NY Comic Con 2011 - Skyward Sword and Assassins Creed Impressions

1068d ago - A quick video blog about hitting the last day of Comic Con. Got to play a little bit of AC Revela... | PC

The Gaming World of the 2011 NY Comic Con

1069d ago - What games were at the NYCC? Check inside to find out! | Industry

Blackman 'N Robin @ New York Comic-Con 2011: Halo CE, Skyward Sword, and More!

1069d ago - BNR: Home / Games / Featured / BNR @ New York Comic-Con 2011: Halo CE, Skyward Sword, and M... | PC

Should Game Conventions Have Booth Babes?

1070d ago - Using attractive women to sell things is nothing new. Just visit an auto show or a Hooters outlet... | Culture

The Gamer Studio: New York Comic Con Day 2

1070d ago - The Gamer Studio has been avidly covering the NY Comic Con, check out the round up of day 2 here! | Industry

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post

IGN - Street Fighter x Tekken's Gem System

1071d ago - IGN - During the crowded, excitement-filled New York Comic Con panel for Street Fighter x Tekken,... | Xbox 360

IGN - The Games You Think You're Missing

1071d ago - IGN - There are a ton of games at New York Comic-Con, but here are the ones that you think you're... | Culture

[Comic-Con] 5 Things We Loved, and 5 Things We Hated

1072d ago - What Complex loved and hated at this year's NY Comic-Con. | Culture

NYCC Cosplayers: Day One

1073d ago - We went to New York Comic Con and took pictures of our favorite cosplayers and got a picture with... | Culture

The Superheros are back!

1074d ago - The kick off of NYCC marks the perfect time to talk all things superhero. Our writer Chiccora wan... | Xbox 360
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