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Nintendo Wii U Launch Games Trailer Round-up

1104d ago - GameDynamo - "Nintendo Wii U has arrived in North America, so we've decided to get a selection of... | Wii U

A Wii U Beginner's Guide

1105d ago - Everything you need to know about the Wii U on its day of release. | Wii U

US Movie Releases to Look Out For in November

Now - Remember, remember, the films of November! It’s the time of year when the nights draw in, the year winds down and studios line up their most presti... | Promoted post

Oprainfall Staff Picks: What Will We Play on Wii U? | oprainfall

1107d ago - With two days left until the Wii U launches, the staff of Oprainfall reveals which games they're... | Wii U

New Release Video Games: November 18th – 24th, 2012 – Wii U Launch Headlines Over 55 Titles

1107d ago - Next week is obviously going to be very busy what with the Wii U launch, but other than that, the... | PC

Wii U Launch Compared To The Wii & GameCube

1112d ago - We’re just 7 days away from the launch of the Nintendo Wii U and we thought it would be fun to go... | GameCube

Wii U Launch Compared To The PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3

1112d ago - Just like we did with the Wii and GameCube, we’ll be comparing the Wii U to the PlayStation Vita,... | Xbox 360

The Wii U Has The 2nd Most Retail Launch Titles Of Any System Since The PlayStation 2

1112d ago - To wrap up our Wii U launch comparison articles, we’ll show you how the amount of games stacks up... | GameCube

The New Super Mario Bros. U Level Based On A Van Gogh Painting(?)

1112d ago - "New Super Mario Bros. U has its own take on the P-Wing, the P-Acorn. Use this item and you’ll tr... | Wii U

Everything We Know About New Super Mario Bros. U

1119d ago - GenGAME has put together a guide to everything we know so far about New Super Mario Bros. U, whic... | Wii U

Dissecting the First Wii U Commercial

1121d ago - "Before, we merely had glances and glimpses into what was to be a new brand of experiences unique... | Wii

PixlBit's NYCC Wii U Round Up

1124d ago - PixlBit | "At New York Comic Con 2012, one of the biggest spectacles on the show floor was the Ni... | Wii U

New Super Mario Bros. U Bulletpoint Preview - The P-Wing is Back! (GameXplain)

1124d ago - GameXplain: "Last week, we ventured into San Francisco for a chance to play what appeared to be a... | Wii U

Nintendo Wii U, Wii, 3DS, & DS November 2012 New Release Video Games

1134d ago - After the giant page of games we did with our October 2012 New Releases, we decided to break up t... | Nintendo DS

EB Games Expo 2012 Rundown

1147d ago - Gameolio: "EB Games Expo is one of the rare gaming related events that is actually held, locally,... | Wii

The World Map So Far – New Super Mario Bros. U

1166d ago - Everything we know about the world map in New Super Mario Bros. U, including an image of the enti... | Wii U

Hot Off The Grill: September 15th, 2012

1166d ago - After a week off for wedding wackiness (and a couple of extra days to get things back in order),... | Xbox 360

The 'Next Gen' Starts Here - Wii U launch laid bare!

1171d ago - Nintendo takes to the stage in press conferences in Tokyo and New York to announce the final, lon... | Xbox 360

Analyzing the New Super Mario Bros. U Screens

1174d ago - Take a closer look at those screenshots with our analysis on New Super Mario Bros. U! | Wii U

Gallery of Wii U Mario Box Art Mockups

1190d ago - Check out these nine mockup Wii U box arts for nine different unannounced Wii U Mario games! | Wii U

10 New Enemies for the New Super Mario Bros. Series

1193d ago - The Super Mario series features a wide variety of enemies all throughout its long and rich histor... | Nintendo DS

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post

Wii U: The Big Questions for Nintendo

1204d ago - GenGAME: "Given that there are just a few short months before Wii U launches this holiday, it’s s... | Wii U

A Gamers Decathlon

1212d ago - Patrick of - "A competition open to all comers (through various qualifying stages,... | Culture

Will New Super Mario Bros U move the series forward?

1214d ago - ONM - There seemed to be two different reactions when New Super Mario Bros U was announced: some... | Wii U

My mom previews this fall’s biggest games (including Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Ops II)

1221d ago - GamesBeat's Mike Minotti: My mother is an absolute sweetheart and an angel. She also knows almost... | PC

Top 5 Highlights about the New Super Mario Bros U

1229d ago - The Nintendo Wii U and various games are nearing their inevitable release dates. Both the system... | Wii

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