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Netflix is scrapping plans for its previously confirmed video game rental service

997d ago - GameDynamo - "Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced with the earnings report yesterday that Netflix... | Industry

Pach-Attack - CES 2012: Pach Attack Live

1012d ago - GT TV's own Michael Pachter discusses some very interesting tid bits and insights regarding the i... | Industry

Netflix has gone live on Irish Playstation 3's

1015d ago - "Following the appearance of the Netflix application on Irish Playstatio... | PS3

Netflix appearing on PS3 XMB's in Ireland

1016d ago - "It looks like the Irish Playstation 3 Netflix roll out has begun. A... | PS3

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Netflix app appears on XMB of UK PS3s ahead of 2012 launch

1017d ago - Connected Consoles: "Netflix has been planned for an 'early 2012' launch in the UK for quite some... | PS3

Wii Users Spend A Third Of Their Time Streaming Video

1040d ago - Wii users 13 and older now spend 33% of their time with the system streaming videos (likely with... | Wii

Netflix Past Actions Reveal A Bright Future For Blu-Ray

1052d ago - Coasting to the top of media distribution, Netflix has revolutionized the movie and TV industry.... | PS3

Interview: Redbox Director of Video Games Joel Resnik

1102d ago - As Netflix scrambles to stay focused on the future, Redbox is thriving in simplicity. After the i... | Wii

Netflix cans Qwikster, service staying whole

1105d ago - Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced this morning that Netflix will not be splitting into two sepa... | Tech

Game Rentals: Are we back in the 90s?

1120d ago - Netflix recent disclosed that they are splitting the company in two parts: Netflix would be strea... | Industry

VGRT Gaming Podcast Episode 232: Remember Pong?

1123d ago - This week, there’s no Gaming Flashback or Gaming History, but there is a ton of news and Reader F... | PC

Netflix Video Game Rental: The End of Gamefly? (

1125d ago - Eric of writes: "Netflix is used to running people out of business. Their busin... | Industry

The Fall of Brick & Mortar Rental Chains

1126d ago - Remember the times when you could walk in to a video rental store and rent a game? | Culture

An apology from NetFlix

1126d ago - PSU: Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO at NetFlix, has issued a formal apology this morning in re... | PS3

Analysis: How Netflix Could Shake Up The Game Rental Business

1126d ago - Chris Morris writes:Maybe it's a good thing that GameFly has been unable to get its act together... | PC

Netflix breaking out DVD renting to new company, adding video game rentals

1127d ago - XMNR: With the success of Gamefly, some gamers have wondered why Netflix hasn't jumped into the g... | Wii

Renting Games Used to Be Easy

1135d ago - Back in the old days kids would ask their parents to take them to stores like Blockbuster or Holl... | Tech

Things That Suck About Netflix

1154d ago - Netflix is a great feature on any gaming console. That said, there are some serious drawbacks and... | Wii
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