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Will There Ever Be a “NETFLIX” For Games

50d ago - From Gamers@Play. Gone are the days where we spend the whole week deciding what to rent on the we... | Xbox

Comcast Raised Netflix Prices, Will Video Games Be Next?

179d ago - Cinelinx: "Several companies, such as Netflix, are fighting for something called “net neutrality”... | Xbox 360

The Future of Game Consoles Isn’t Just About Games

488d ago - The PlayStation 4 will probably outsell the Xbox One this holiday season, its sales powered by ga... | PS4

Will Sony's PS4 Be The 'Netflix' For Video Games?

608d ago - Early last year Sony announced that it was acquiring the game streaming company Gaikai for a repo... | PS4

Front-end Developers Wanted

Now - Want to help us build the new N4G platform? | Promoted post

How Gaming Can Learn From Netflix’s House of Cards

624d ago - "Netflix took the big leap into premium television this weekend by releasing their... | Wii

Video Game High School: Where the Most Popular Sport is Gaming

639d ago - Video Game High School is a web series about a world where gaming is the most popular sport, peop... | Culture

Wii U TVii Is Not For Mii

767d ago - An in-depth look at the features in Nintendo's innovative live television connectivity experience... | Wii U

Why PS3, Not Xbox Was My Netflix Machine Father's Day Gift

854d ago - Forbes: This Father’s Day I had a dilemma on my hands. My dad had expressed an interest in seeing... | Wii

In Defense Of Microsoft’s Non-Gaming Approach

893d ago - TheSixthAxis' Kris Lipscombe takes a look at Microsoft's heavy focus on streaming media and how i... | Xbox 360

Why People Pirate

962d ago - A bite-sized humourous look at why many people pirate. | Culture

[How To] US Netflix on a UK Vita

967d ago - If you're a UK Netflix subscriber and have already sampled the delights of US Netflix on your con... | PS Vita

Netflix Past Actions Reveal A Bright Future For Blu-Ray

1053d ago - Coasting to the top of media distribution, Netflix has revolutionized the movie and TV industry.... | PS3

Game Rentals: Are we back in the 90s?

1121d ago - Netflix recent disclosed that they are splitting the company in two parts: Netflix would be strea... | Industry

Netflix Video Game Rental: The End of Gamefly? (

1126d ago - Eric of writes: "Netflix is used to running people out of business. Their busin... | Industry

The Fall of Brick & Mortar Rental Chains

1126d ago - Remember the times when you could walk in to a video rental store and rent a game? | Culture

An apology from NetFlix

1127d ago - PSU: Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO at NetFlix, has issued a formal apology this morning in re... | PS3

Analysis: How Netflix Could Shake Up The Game Rental Business

1127d ago - Chris Morris writes:Maybe it's a good thing that GameFly has been unable to get its act together... | PC

Renting Games Used to Be Easy

1136d ago - Back in the old days kids would ask their parents to take them to stores like Blockbuster or Holl... | Tech

Things That Suck About Netflix

1155d ago - Netflix is a great feature on any gaming console. That said, there are some serious drawbacks and... | Wii
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