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Need For Speed: R... Previews  

Preview: Need for Speed Rivals (next-gen) | Stevivor

256d ago - Nicholas Simonovski writes, "When gamers were told that Criterion would be coming in to develop t... | PS4

Face-Off Preview - Need for Speed Rivals on PS4 and Xbox One

258d ago - Digitalfoundry puts need for speed rivals face head to head on PS4 vs x1 . | PS4

OXM UK: Why Need for Speed: Rivals, not Forza 5, is my Xbox One racer of choice

260d ago - "It's nothing personal, Turn 10. I have no doubt your Xbox One launch exclusive will prove a glor... | Xbox One

Need for Speed: Rivals Next-Gen Preview [Capsule Computers]

260d ago - Andrew Day of Capsule Computers wrote: At this year’s EB Games Expo, we managed to sit down an... | PS4

Sniper Elite III (PS4) Review

Now - Ken holds his breath and takes the shot with the latest Sniper Elite title. | Promoted post

Need For Speed: Rivals Preview | Attack On Gaming

260d ago - "Need For Speed: Rivals is the upcoming racing video game from EA under the Need For Speed label.... | PC

GameInformer- Need For Speed: Rivals [PS4/X1] Preview

262d ago - GI:I’d like to blame Need for Speed: Rivals for turning me into a jerk, but maybe it was within m... | PS4

Need for Speed Rivals Preview | Gaming Nexus

262d ago - GN - "I had a phase a few weeks ago, where I wanted to play a racer that was fun, arcade-y, and e... | PC

Need for Speed Rivals Field Report | GameTrailers

262d ago - GT - "We go hands-on with the first few hours of next-gen racing. Our thoughts and your questions... | PS4

Need For Speed Rivals (PS4) Hands-On Preview - GameRevolution

262d ago - GR - When it comes to the cars-go-fast genre, sim racers have their niche and I have a finely wor... | PS4

Need for Speed Rivals Hands-On Playstation Blog

262d ago - by Ryan Clements: "When the idyllic forests and glittering coasts of Redview County are screaming... | PS4

PS4 Hands-on Preview - Need for Speed: Rivals | PlayStationLifeStyle

262d ago - PSLS writes: Developer Ghost Games and EA allowed us into their lair (actually it was Slide SF in... | Xbox 360

Need for Speed Rivals (Xbox One/PS4) Hands On Preview – Cops vs Racers on a Whole New Level | COG

262d ago - COG heads down to San Fran for some hands on time with the latest Need for Speed and gets a look... | PS4

Need For Speed Rivals Review - iRobot Gaming

284d ago - Need for Speed Rivals is a must have for racers like my self. You can definitely feel the Adrenal... | Xbox 360

Need For Speed Rivals: The Handling, The Gadgets, The Cars, The Secrets | NowGamer

284d ago - NG - "Taking a break from the racing missions in our hands-on with Rivals, we were cruising down... | PC

Need for Speed Rivals preview: cops and robbers | ShackNews

287d ago - Imagine, if you will, Journey reimagined with cars. Instead of a silent scarfed wanderer joining... | PC

Need for Speed Rivals Looks Amazing Whether You Play It on PC or PS4

287d ago - There are caveats, of course. The footage above was captured from a hands-on demo I played when E... | PC

EGM Preview: Need for Speed Rivals Hands-On

287d ago - EGM - "While at New York Comic Con 2013, I had a chance to go hands-on with both the PC and PS4 v... | PC

VideoGamer: On Patrol with Need For Speed: Rivals

287d ago - VideoGamer writes: How much depth is there to Ghost's sandbox? Both times I've played Need For Sp... | PC

Need for Speed: Rivals – get your motor running | VG24/7

287d ago - Whether or not you’re a real life petrol-head, there are few experiences in gaming to match the r... | PC

Need For Speed: Rivals Preview | TSA

287d ago - TSA writes: "Ghost Games’ Need for Speed: Rivals sits somewhere much closer to Hot Pursuit than i... | PC

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Need for Speed: Rivals Preview | Clickonline

288d ago - Clickonline writes, "The hands-on demo introduced us to the world of Redview County, an open worl... | Xbox 360

Test Driving the Racers of the Future [Dealspwn]

299d ago - Dealspwn writes: There are a lot of racing games on their way, perhaps too many for those of us p... | PC

How Need For Speed Rivals’ Alldrive creates PS4′s first single player multiplayer racer OPM

304d ago - OPM: It’s slightly confusing to be told that a game doesn’t have a single-player or multiplayer m... | PS4

Need for Speed: Rivals - more than an Xbox One take on Hot Pursuit? | OXM UK

306d ago - OXM UK - "We'd say we've been dumped in the deep end, but Need For Speed Rivals seems to pretty m... | PC

Need for Speed Rivals Hands-on - Worlds Factory

323d ago - The Gamescom 2013 was certainly full of “road tests”: between DriveClub, Forza Motorsport 5 and T... | PC
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Need For Speed: Rivals

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