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User Review : NCAA 14

  • infinity engine 2
  • Ultimate team
  • Dynasty
  • crowd noise is something I wish was a bit better
  • some facemasks appear to be all grey when they should'nt

A very fun game that has something for everyone

This year EA has done a great job in topping the previous years game with NCAA 14 , I believe it to be the best on the ps3 to date.

When looking at games such as NCAA I want options and there are many options to choose from.

The addition of Ultimate team is a welcome site , you can play as some of the greatest college players to step foot on the field such as Andre Ware , Peyton Manning , Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson just to name a few. You will start out with a pack of cards which you can then decide how to start your roster. You can earn coins for more player cards rather it be using the coins to purchase more packs or searching the auctions for a specific player you may want that has been posted by another user.
You may also post player cards you are not found of or you may have already recieved on the auctions to gain coins , I like being able to post what I want for a player card although it does help to search and make sure you are not asking to much for a card as others may have the same card on there for alot less ,so its always best to search the auctions to get an idea what users are posting there player cards for.

You can do a variety of solo challenges for rewards in Ultimate team versus the cpu at different skill levels , earn more coins,packs of players cards as well as unlocking player cards that can used on your roster.

There are many collections as well to complete which will give you rewards once you have collected all of the cards for each collection.

There is also the option to play Head to Head versus others with your favorite college players , this also is a way to earn more coins rather you win or lose ( of course winning you will more coins).

Another welcome addition is that the infinity engine 2 has made it over to NCAA 14. The gameplay more realistic and much smoother all around. Players will now fly around like never before in a NCAA title. The new Blocking AI is ground breaking as you won't be picking the same hole everytime anymore ,the linemen actually engage like they should with force and the running game is much improved as well with many different move combinations at your disposal. NCAA actually feels like a football game now.

Nike skills trainer will help all users new and veteran alike with the options to work on your passing ,running , defense along with hot routes (there are plenty of hot routes for everything).
The great thing about this skills trainer is ,if you do well you recieve rewards as well so while you are polishing your skills you are also working towards some rewards.

Options is what I like to see in any game and NCAA 14 has plenty of them to keep me busy for a very long time rather its ultimate team , an improved dynasty mode which now has coaching skill trees , road to glory ,polishing my choice of skills or playing online. Every game mode is fun and plaenty of options.

I am very happy with this NCAA 14 and have recommended it to friends which is something I do not do often ,but I never pass up a chance to have fun with friends while playing a game.

The new engine has really made a huge difference here.
This area is lacking , I want crowd noise that you only get by watching NCAA games.
The gameplay is great.
Fun Factor
With all of the options in this game there is fun to be had in many places , I am very pleased here as I know I will be playing this game for quite some time.
Depending who you play of course is always something to consider when it comes to sports games online ,with NCAA 14 I have for had alot of fun online so far playing users I have not played in the past.
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