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NBA 2K13 Reviews  

The Top 3 Wii U Sports Games

1098d ago - So how do FIFA Soccer 13, Madden NFL 13 and NBA 2K13 fare on Nintendo's machine? | Wii U

NBA 2K13 Review - Realm of Gaming

1098d ago - Matt Andrews states, "Inevitably, every NBA fan will find something to love in NBA 2K13." | PS3

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NBA 2K13 Wii U Review: Solid, But Can't Complete the Dunk (

1100d ago - The NBA super machine comes up a bit short on the Wii U. | Wii U

IGN-NBA 2K13 Wii U Review

1105d ago - IGN:The best basketball sim in the world hits the Wii U with no compromises. The extra goodies do... | Wii U

FutureGamez: NBA 2K13 Review

1106d ago - FutureGamez: October and November really are great months to be sports fans. Every year around th... | Xbox 360

GamesBeat: The Wii U launch-title review round-up

1106d ago - GamesBeat: We don’t need to give every Wii U game a complete review — several have gotten that al... | Wii U

NBA 2K13 Review | Console ControllUs

1109d ago - “A sports simulation that brings the spirit of sports home” armyman writes: Let's get one t... | Xbox 360

NBA 2K13 Review - Dusty Cartridge

1112d ago - Chris Dusty Cartridge writes: I once referred to NBA 2K13 as the Dark Souls of sports games, and... | PC

Does NBA 2K13 actually take a step backwards? ( review)

1115d ago - 2K's NBA franchise has been one of the best, if not the best, sports game to closely represent it... | PC

StructureGaming: NBA 2K13 Review

1115d ago - StructureGaming: Basketball season is upon us, and with that comes the latest installment of 2K S... | Xbox 360

Broken Joysticks: NBA 2K13 Review

1120d ago - Broken Joysticks: Overall, I feel this game is a great addition to the 2K series and I can honest... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil: NBA 2K13 Review

1120d ago - PlayDevil has posted an in depth review of the new NBA 2k13 from 2K Games. Here's more: "Ba... | Xbox 360

DG: NBA 2K13 Review

1121d ago - DG: 2K Games are renowned for their sports simulation games, including the NBA 2K series on PCs a... | Android

NBA 2K13 Review | Xbox Addict

1121d ago - Xbox Addict: "NBA 2K13 is a very subtle upgrade from the previous edition, so much so that I can'... | Xbox 360

STP: NBA 2K13 Review

1122d ago - STP: NBA 2K is the top brand for basketball gamers all over the globe. The attention to detail in... | iPhone

NBA 2K13 Review | Game-Over

1123d ago - Game-Over writes: "2K Sports has such a stranglehold on the virtual basketball playground that... | Xbox 360

Review: NBA 2K13 {}

1125d ago - If viewed in a vacuum, it’s a very fine basketball game. The gameplay is excellent, MyPlayer mod... | PC

NBA 2K13 Review - Gaming Nexus

1126d ago - From the review: "Point blank: NBA 2K13 is the most impressive sport-based video game I have ever... | PC

We Know Gamers - NBA 2K13 Review

1127d ago - For the past 2 years, the NBA 2K franchise has been competing with itself while also delivering t... | PC

NBA 2K13 -- PS3 Review --

1127d ago - The premier basketball simulation - now with added Justin Bieber! | PSP

Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

Entertainium's NBA 2K13 Review

1128d ago - Entertainium's Joe Yang takes it to the courts... of basketball in his review of NBA 2K13. | PC

NBA 2K13 Review |

1129d ago - Splitkick: The decision to put Jay-Z’s name on the front of the NBA 2K13 box is a curious one. Su... | Wii

NBA 2K13 Review | El33tonline

1131d ago - Bryan at El33tonline writes: "NBA 2K13 is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive NBA vi... | Xbox 360

Review | NBA 2K13 | GameFreaks

1132d ago - GameFreaks writes: "The current generation of consoles are reaching their zenith in terms of p... | PC

NBA 2K13 Review | StickSkills

1132d ago - StickSkills said, "While other modes are included in the title, such as Ultimate Team clone known... | Xbox 360

NBA 2K13

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