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Naughty Dog's 30th Anniversary Gallery Grand Opening Causes Enormous Lines; Shows Beautiful Artwork

19h ago - Naughty Dog celebrated its 30th anniversary with the opening of an art gallery at the Nucleus in... | PS3

Naughty Dog Celebrates 30 Glorious Years of Greatness With Amazing Art, a Party and Nathan Drake

2d ago - Naughty Dog is Celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of initiatives and the opening of a... | PS4

Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary Art Show and Video

18d ago - We're celebrating 30 years of making awesome games with a Los Angeles art show, some great worksh... | Dev

The PS4 Looks Really Lovely Signed by The Last of Us’ and The Order: 1886′s Development Teams

35d ago - There are a lot of ways on the market to customize your PS4 console, but getting one signed by th... | PS4

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Naughty Dog Animator Releases Amazing Dante's Inferno CGI Fan Video, Explains its Creation

47d ago - Tal Peleg works at Naughty Dog as a Senior Conematic Animator, and besides having being one of th... | PC

The Beauty of The Last of Us: Remastered

50d ago - The Beauty of The Last of Us: Remastered showcases the visual beauty of the remastered PS4 versio... | PS3

Naughty Dog Is “Making Magic” in the Motion Capture Studio

52d ago - After the release of The Last of Us Remastered Naughty Dog is now hard at work on its new games,... | PS4

QTE Podcast - Will The Uncharted and The Last Of Us Movies be Good?

66d ago - On the 10th episode of Quick Time Event, the team discussed this week’s announcements regarding t... | PS3

Naughty Dog Hires Extremely Talented Artist for Uncharted 4; Check Out His Awesome Artwork/Videos

67d ago - Naughty Dog has always been well known for attracting extremely talented artists and developers,... | PS4

Check Out Naughty Dog’s Newest Character Artist’s Stunning 3D Models and Artwork

100d ago - Recently Naughty Dog has been hiring quite a few new developers to bring some fresh blood into it... | PS4

Check Out the Amazing Artwork Naughty Dog Artists Create to Polish their Skills

121d ago - Video game artists don't just have to work on the games they are involved in professionally, but... | PS4

The Last of Us Sackboy Keychains Exist and We Want Them

137d ago - Junkie Monkeys: What if I told you two of our personal favorite PlayStation exclusive series comb... | PS3

MONG Podcast Episode 32 - Myth Busters: Is the Sony E3 leak fact or fiction?

144d ago - Is the information that supposedly "leaked" about Sony's E3 press conference real? We decided to... | Xbox 360

Naughty Dog Making Better PS4 Exclusives, EA & Comcast Deal to Stream Games

147d ago - The Game Fanatics: The Game Fanatics show is back! Each Monday, head over to our YouTube channel... | PS4

GT Time: Call of Duty: Cheeks

157d ago - This week's podcast: Spider-Man snubs the Xbox One, Mario Golf sells out, and ol’ Stashwick cuts... | Culture

MONG Podcast Episode 30 - Should We Be Worried About Naughty Dog?

158d ago - Our topic this week was all of the issues going on at Naughty Dog. Should we be worried about it... | PC

The Geek Link Episode 104: Facebook VR

182d ago - The Geek Link writes - This week Smikey and Ghost discuss the buyout of Oculus VR by Facebook and... | Culture

Naughty Dog’s Lead Programmer Shares The Studio’s Secrets in a Hour Long Talk

202d ago - Naughty Dog’s Lead Programmer Jason Gregory held a very interesting speech at the Semana Informat... | PS3

Which Version of Titanfall Will Sell Better?

206d ago - "Batman: Arkham Knight is announced exclusively for the new generation, major Uncharted writing A... | PC

The Patch #42

207d ago - The Patch Talks Titanfall | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

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The Digital Juice: Episode 3 (The Shock of Amy Hennig Leaving Naughty Dog)

207d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to The Digital Juice! In episode three,... | PS3

Unlisted: Grounded - A Documentary on the Making of The Last of Us

215d ago - Here's an unlisted documentary from Sony entitled Grounded that has been released on yesterday. I... | Culture

Check Out Some More Concept Art for The Last of Us

217d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Jaehoon Kim, Character Artist at Naughty Dog, recently showcased some of his conc... | PS3

The Digital Juice: Episode 1 (Ground Zeroes Length, PS4 Sales, and Irrational Shutdown)

219d ago - Junkie Monkeys: Welcome to the latest series to grace Junkie Monkeys called The Digital Juice. In... | Wii

Naughty Dog Employee Explains How to Become a Game Developer

230d ago - IGN's Greg Miller interviews Naughty Dog's David Ballard tells us how he got started in the indus... | Industry
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